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Winter Solstice 2013



Winter Solstice 2013

Winter Solstice 2013 / Journal


Hermetic Library Journals are biannual, open access collections of newer written and visual works about or inspired by Hermeticism in a broad sense, the Western Esoteric Tradition, and Aleister Crowley's Thelema. Journals appear online via the Hermetic Library, and may also be offered in a variety of other digital formats and in print.

The Journal is intended as a place for both practice and theory, not only informed by the other but with the intention of crossing thresholds between scholar and practitioner. The Journal offers a venue for art and culture that both informs and is informed by esotericism, which will bring the artist into the mix. The Journal is a community of intentional work from theoretic, practical and cultural perspectives that explores and relates to written work and art about or inspired by esotericism and magick in the form of articles, essays, personal narratives, poetry, fiction, plays, artwork, sequential art, biographies, and more.

The theme for this issue's Symposium, a section of the Journal offering a reader's forum, is Black Brothers and Secret Chiefs. Read more about the idea of the Symposium in the call for submissions and in the Symposium section of the submissions guidelines.

Please look for the call for submissions on Jun 21st, 2013 and take a look the terms & conditions for submissions. If you have any comments, questions or concerns; or want to submit your work for an anthology, just contact the librarian.


Release Notes

Winter Solstice 2013 is Vol I, Iss 2 in the anthology journal project. The call for submissions will be posted on Jun 21, 2013, with a deadline on Sep 21, 2013. Winter Solstice 2013 anthology journal is planned for release around Midwinter in Dec 2013. Be sure to stay tuned to the blog and this page for any updates. Meanwhile, if you have any questions, comments or want to talk about the anthology project, feel free to let me know!

— John Griogair Bell




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