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Nicole Edgecomb is an active multi-instrumentalist, performance artist, and ritualist in the Boston, Massachusetts area. She also works as an expressive arts therapist, community activist, and spiritual consultant. Her training and discipline comes from Hermetic, Tantric, and Pan-American folkloric traditions. She has performed with Incus, Zili Misik, Opposite People, The Second Line Social Aid and Pleasure Society, Emperor Norton’s Stationary Marching Band, Lamine Toure and Group Saloum. Nicole is currently recording with her original projects Faebotica and Crossways.


Track list

  1. Magick, Music and Ritual 1 - Invocation of the Kundalini 03:07

    Invocation of the Kundalini

    Equinox invocation by V. V. V. V. V. (from Liber LXV, book 65, chapter I, verse 1) set to music by Nicole Edgecomb.

    I am the Heart; and the Snake is entwined

    About the invisible core of the mind.

    Rise, O my snake! It is now is the hour

    of the hooded and holy ineffable flower.

    Rise, O my Snake, into the brilliance of bloom

    On the corpse of Osiris afloat in the tomb!

    O heart of my mother, my sister, mine own,

    Thou art given to Nile, to the terror Typhon!

    Ah me! but the glory of ravening storm

    Enswathes thee and wraps thee in frenzy of form.

    Be still, O my soul! that the spell may dissolve

    As the wands are upraised, and the aeons revolve,

    Behold! in my beauty how joyous Thou art,

    O Snake that caresses the crown of mine heart!

    Behold! we are one, and the tempest of years

    Goes down to the dusk, and the Beetle appears.

    O beetle! the drone of Thy dolorous note

    Be ever the trance of this tremulous throat!

    I await the awaking! The summons on high

    From the lord Adonai, from the Lord Adonai!

    Liber LXV Liber Cordis Cincti Serpente sub figura ADNI

    Music, vocals and keyboard: Nicole Edgecomb
    Bass: Jo Ball
    Lyrics: Aleister Crowley



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