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Jersey Petroleum

Jersey Petroleum are currently wildcatting around the multiverse in this particular instance of their Y - 1 variant traversals of N +/- X-dimensional space. Ron Bass is the author of The Velveeta Underground, a collection of short stories published as part of the EAA Signature Series. John Stanford records as Modchik. He also wrote, directed, and produced the film Firofyfe, which was screened at the Queens (NY) Film Festival and the Takoma Park Film Festival. Jersey Petroleum’s musical influences range from David Bowie to Sun Ra to J. S. Bach to Terry Riley.


Track list

  1. Magick, Music and Ritual 3 - As The Vessel Burns 05:20

    As The Vessel Burns

    “As The Vessel Burns” was inspired by the woodcuts, engravings and paintings by Athanasius Kircher, Robert Fludd, William Blake and others reproduced in Alexander Roob’s Alchemy & Mysticism.

    Ron Bass: lead vocal, lyrics
    John Stanford: guitar, saxophone, recorder, bass, drums

    As The Vessel Burns

    Abhorrent love retains a festive air

    in hindsight’s shadowed glow. But once the glare

    intrudes too far to ever be concealed,

    a second skin of wisdom can get sealed

    too tightly, unless penances are made.

    In essence, memory becomes a trade-

    off in this exchange of dreams: Cheating death,

    while keeping their psyches crossed, their twinned breath

    discharges fragrant spoor into the ground.

    Rain whips the conjoined lovers; a hell hound

    growls nearby. The music of the spheres turns

    dissonant, as the vessel slowly burns:

    Tracing this mystery back to its sources

    requires tact, and a knowledge of corpses.



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