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Leah Bee

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Currently nestled on the Eld Inlet of the Puget Sound, Leah Bee is a young philosopher musician who pulls influence from Nature spirits and her Guides. Pursuing a life of meaning and Magic, she tends to dwell in the darker worlds of mystery and starlight. She hopes to continue creating more electronically influenced music, embodying the healing powers of other realms. She is currently a student at Evergreen College.


Track list

  1. Magick, Music and Ritual 2 - Mercy Mother Sri Mix 03:27

    Mercy Mother (Sri Mix)

    “I received Mercy Mother in the Pueblo Mountains of southeastern Oregon, near Steens Mountain. I asked Spirit for a song to sing in times of need and gratitude and this is what came to me. It was recorded in Portland, in the basement of a dear friend’s house.”



Read more news on the blog at Leah Bee


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