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Modchik is the long time musical project of John Stanford. His latest album “Canton” is the usual story of boy meets girl, boy nearly drowns, girl is mentally unstable, boy becomes alcoholic, girl kills herself, boy loses himself in depression, girl discovers where suicides go after death, boy loses faith in God. It features songs influenced by his move to the wilds of Northern New York. Modchik’s musical influences include Bauhaus, Kraut Rock, The Waterboys, Nick Cave, Elvis Presley, The Carpenters, David Bowie, Sonic Youth, The Velvet Underground, Mercury Rev, Mike Garson, The Concretes, Rufus Wainwright and Aqua. John is also, writer, director, and producer of the film Firofyfe, which was screened at the Queens (NY) Film Festival and the Takoma Park Film Festival.


Track list

  1. Magick, Music and Ritual 3 - In Sight of my God 04:55

    In Sight of my God

    “In Sight of my God” is a song about losing faith in the god of your childhood and discovering the fundamental, earthy God within.

    John Stanford: All Music, Lyrics, Instruments, Vocals

    In Sight of my God

    The holes in your hands,

    And the blood on your brow,

    They mean nothing,

    At all.

    Supreme masochist.

    All the feet that you kissed,

    It changed nothing,

    At all


    When we come, we drink,

    we form, we hate,

    we doubt, we call,

    We become


    When we cry, we walk,

    we serve, we feel,

    we write, we feed,

    We become


    When we end, we turn,

    we have, we see,

    we start, we need,

    We become


    When we stumble, produce,

    diminish, compete,

    abandon, unlock

    We become


    In the cold, in the dark,

    In the pain, in the scars,

    When alone with what’s ours

    We become


    In the cold, in the dark,

    When it all falls apart

    Alone with our holes

    We become


    And I’ll stab my eyes in the sight of my god.

    And I’ll flay my skin in the sight of my god.

    And I’ll burn my hair in the sight of my god.

    And I’ll break my fingers in the sight of my god.



Read more news on the blog at Modchik


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