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Mother of the Original Post Pagan Dub-Aquatic Lounge and ReVerie, Reverend Chloe Alexandra Steinberg is a singer/songwriter, poet, recording and performance artist who has been creating experimental music in a dynamic range of genres for many years. She has worked with various bands and artists such as The Jolly Walrus, Runaway Cow, Human Growth Hormone, World Freedom Organization, Gland, Prahna, The Elohim, Things Outside the Skin, Jeremiah Tree, Benmont Tench (Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers), Peter Malik (Otis Span, Nora Jones), Gland (Buck Ae Down and Brady Spindel of The Mutaytor), Lola (with Logan Laurent of Carousel), The DirtyTramps, RC*B with Ralph C. Buckley, and many more.

Born of Irish and Romany descent she is also a Priestess of The Fellowship of Isis and an Ordained Reverend for 23 years.

She is currently focused on recording “The Chariot” a 12 song original GothSpell Erotic Orchestration.

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Track list

  1. Magick, Music and Ritual 2 - Ma Re Ah 07:48

    Ma Re Ah
    (Rev Chloe)

    Rev Chloe's 'Ma Re Ah' offers a shining invocation of the divine feminine, a soulful lament about loss, and a seductive lyric about liberation.

    MAREAH written 9/9/9 for 12/9/11 from The Chariot a 12 song gospel-eractic orchestration

    Words, Music and Production by Rev Chloe  

    And He Looked to the Moon

    And they heard the Love Song

    Then they looked in the Tomb

    and then Mary was gone

    MA Re Ah

    And they searched the High Seas

    And the shore lands of Troy

    but She was on the Trap-Ease

    just to find her Joy

    they had tried to destroy

    like a child's Toy


    and they found her one Morning

    the brave MAdmoiselle

    washing her hair in a wishing-well

    she was a bomb-shell

    it was clear as a Bell

    it was a MAgicK Spell


    And they gathered around her

    with torches of fire

    for filling their hearts with such Pure Desire

    they would light the Pyre

    and burn it higher and higher and higher


    And they told her she's make

    such a beautiful bride

    but don't let them see you now

    hide ..hide

    hide your Pride

    cause you'll be hiding inside


    And so she Transformed

    to escape persecution

    and return in the Time of her

    ReV )0( Lution

    it was the Rites of Eleusis

    the Lord of Force and Fire had risen


    And on his White Horse

    with Wings on his Head

    he said, "Do what thou wilt, because God is dead,

    you can love me instead, and spend all day in bed."


    Ma Re Ah


    And they Looked to the Sky

    As the Stars all fell Down.

    All of the Dust of the Heavenly Crown

    Heavenly Krown..HEAvenly KA-Ra-On



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