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United Gods

United Gods was started in 1989 as a performance group, in 1990 we started making industrial-ritual music. In the 1990s the band appeared on several international compilations and did one album Daath. In the new millennium we released a double CD in 2004 Joined to an Angel, our 2005 CD-release Elő-Jelek Omens. With a new line-up since 2010, we did a studio album AER, 2010, a live album Live in Budapest, 2011, a mini-CD Platon IC, 2012, and a hand-painted limited edition minidisc, Pluto MC 2013; most recently Speculative Speculum was released in 2014. Compilation appearances include Kalpamantra releases, Vita Ignes — Corpus Lignum and Music for the Rising Sun.


Track list

  1. Magick, Music and Ritual 10 - At the Outer Rim of Xiazhoung 03:13

    At the Outer Rim of Xiazhoung

    The track is one of the dark ambient mixes from the last recording period. The title refers to certain archaeoastronomical traditions in China.

  2. Magick, Music and Ritual 9 - Speculative Spectrum IX 2013 04:16

    Speculative Spectrum IX 2013

    Speculative Speculum is one of the tracks composed for the forthcoming United Gods album. The deep, drone-like, ritualistic dark ambient sounds are combined with a fragmented percussion-loop. The title refers to certain magico-mystical philosophies and theologies and practices, such as the Ishraqi school in Iran, the kabbalistic speculative-gnostic visionary techniques, Enochian magic and hermetic currents in the works of Hegel to name but a few examples. The track was composed by Péter Kecskés and Péter Miklós in 2013.



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