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Whip Angels

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The Whip Angels exist to create the sonic extension of Sex Death Rebirth, an online art collection curated by Jenna Kraus. This collaboration strives to arouse and awaken, exploring both the esoteric and erotic. Words from ancient texts are adapted and set to music to further express Jenna’s desire to merge the spiritual and sexual. Musically, the group is comprised of a variety of artists and influences—the vocal poetic air reminiscent of Lou Reed, Jennifer Charles and Leonard Cohen and musically conjuring the sounds of My Bloody Valentine, Massive Attack and Nine Inch Nails. This project is ongoing.


Track list

  1. Magick, Music and Ritual 1 - Hermes 05:30


    Lyrics derived from the Emerald Tablet. Track created for Hermetic Library Anthology.

    You can read one translation of the Emerald Tablet at the Hermetic Library

    Vocals: Jenna Kraus
    Music: Jeffrey Widner



Read more news on the blog at Whip Angels


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