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  The Seven Gates
Art Posted by zhark international on Thursday November 22, @11:13AM
from the hundred-ears-of-solitude dept.

I have added more MP3s to my record label's site... Check out the new solo 12" entitled "Hecate at the Seven Gates."

A five tracker written in Berlin earlier this year, with some of the most chilling atmospheres and brutal beats to appear on Zhark. This solo project of mine focuses on occult themes and their relation to frequencies and rhythm.

Other news for Zhark which may be of interest to some of you: the next project planned for release is another 12" with Hecate remixing Lustmord's earlier material. Basically, the idea is to remix each of his albums into one track each. Ambient for those with a short attention span. A CD will follow, with the 12" mixes as well as additional tracks of Lustmord remixing Hecate. Stay tuned...

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