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  Buddha Herusattva Visualization
Magick Posted by Aion on November 23, 2001 @ 01:22 PM
from the tanka-very-much dept.

A visualization of Horus, the Daemon of the New Aeon, as a Boddhisattva.

Om Mani Padme Hum
The Strength of Will
The Power of Love

Here follows the image of the Buddha of the New Aeon:

There appears the faithful Buddha of the Aeon, flanked on either side by sleeping lions, lightning playing about his aura, Third Eye open and blazing. A hawk hovers over the crown of his head. In his right hand he holds a skull cup full of the blood of the innocent, the sorrows and pain of restrictions transformed by Love and Will into the nectar of compassion. In his right hand he holds erect a sword with an open eye upon its blade. This represents the cutting of attachments to the old Aeon and the right-mind focused on discriminating Truth, and so manifesting Wisdom. He sits upon a lotus of flashing gold and red with petals resembling feathers and with a sense of movement about it. This represents the fiery Love of strength. His skin is mother-of-pearl and iridescent peacock-sheen. His robes are deep red. His shining face is that of a warrior-king who has found absolute peace. Eyes half closed in the bliss of samadhi, his third eye shining from which four rays of golden light emanate, the four-fold Mantra of the Aeon uttered by this Buddha. Great waves of compassion come from his heart, represented as a golden 'diamond vajra' emanating golden light from his heart center. This represents the adamantine Will of Dharma.

The Lotus upon which he sits rises from an island about which sit eight other vajra as if defending this sacred place. This represents the calm center within, where the Mahavidya joining of Love (Lotus) and Will (Vajra/Jewel) may be consummated away from the assaults of Mara and Samsara. These last two are represented by the dark and turbulent sea which surrounds the island of calm, within which can be seen people in peril amidst waves, wreckage, and burning boats. All in crisis look up beseeching the Lord of Compassion, and his golden rays grant them Liberation and Freedom from the storms of the passing old Aeon.

Above and about him looms the Star Dakini Buddha whose lovely Tara image is formed as a vague outline made of multitudes of stars in the azure and purple sky. Sothis is the gem upon her brow and Ursa Major forms a blue lotus that she holds delicately in her left hand as it arches above her on a long stem. Her right hand makes the gesture of 'fear nothing' (open palm, pointed down) and her beautiful lotus foot, hidden behind the image of Herusattva, touches the center of the 'winged lotus' upon which the Buddha of the new Aeon sits.

Om Herusattva Hum!
May all beings attain Liberation
from the destructive & poisonous illusions
of the Old Aeon!


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    Re: Buddha Herusattva Visualization
    by Aleph on Tuesday November 27, @08:27AM

    So you've seen him too? These mind terma do seem to get around. I know at least one other person who has independently seen this deity as well.

    I think I have a long sadhana and tsog feast for Herusattva around here somewhere...


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