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  The Stele as Legominism
General Thelema Posted by Xnoubis on November 29, 2001 @ 03:30 PM
from the petition-the-Lord-with-player dept.

"Legominism" is a term coined by the Greek-Armenian teacher G.I. Gurdjieff to describe an "ancient wisdom that is transmitted beneath a form ostensibly intended for quite a different purpose" (J.G. Bennett, Gurdjieff: Making a New World) "in the form of customs and ceremonies, in oral traditions, in memorials, in sacred art through the invisible quality in dance, music, sculpture and various rituals" (Gurdjieff, Views from the Real World). Roughly, the idea is that certain masters of wisdom possessed the power to record teachings within sacred artifacts. These teachings could then be replayed by others coming into contact with such artifacts. Some require exact knowledge in order to be read; others can reportedly spring open even for the utterly unprepared.

I've sometimes wondered whether the Stele of Revealing might possibly have been just such a legominism. And whether Liber AL might then have been the product of the Stele's ancient knowledge opening up within Crowley's well-prepared head.

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    Re: The Stele as Legominism
    by Mordecai on Thursday November 29, @05:13PM
    The only problem with that reading is that there is absolutely nothing indicating that the message of the Book of the Law is in fact ancient wisdom (except in so far as it reflects perennial truths). Certainly, it seems at odds with much that is presently known and inferred about ancient Egyptian religion, and a great deal of it is very redolent of modern philosophy (for instance, Nietzsche). But other that, a fascinating idea!

    • Re: The Stele as Legominism
      by Xnoubis on Thursday November 29, @05:22PM
      True enough. But I was rather thinking that Liber AL could have been a marriage of what was inside the Stele and inside Crowley. No way of proving any of this. But it could be an interesting way of introducing a Gurdjieffian to Thelema.

    Re: The Stele as Legominism
    by jcat on Friday November 30, @01:07AM
    ...my immediate responce on this matter, is that
    the Book of the Law is indeed a sort of psychic artifact; that the Stele was a nodal point for;
    it is so beyond any ancient verses modern ergo postmodern; that it defies all attemps at systems
    to crack its code, it is rather like a chinese puzzle in this respect; a kind of visual language jewel; that reflects the psychic content of thee observer; all the way to Nuit, or the first time,
    Chaos is this!...

    an fire with dancing fingers in the primal darkness; you look into the Stele jewel and
    you experiance the rush of the above; below
    as so it is: perfect in its imperfection
    the collums echo the ancient chant, and
    all time N space break up into a gillion
    pieces and as you begin the journey to
    reflect in each fragment facet you spiral
    into her infinite bossom...and it shall be
    at an eNd...

    Re: The Stele as Legominism
    by sidney on Friday November 30, @04:55PM
    Fascinating idea...I think Liber CCXX is definitely redolent of modernism, so Crowley's contribution is certainly part of it...a lot of modernist/Nietzschean ethical precepts were purportedly a return to paganism, although I dont't know anything about ancient Egyptian ethical precepts. But all that stuff in CCXX about stomping on the weak and torturing the shit out of whoever is probably more in line with ancient mores than with Xtian ones...

    • Re: The Stele as Legominism
      by Mordecai on Friday November 30, @05:49PM
      >I think Liber CCXX is definitely redolent of modernism

      Quite so. It's interesting to note in this regard that the idea of a new age (i.e., aeon, dispensation, etc.) is typical of a number of prominent modernists, Ezra Pound for instance.

      • Re: The Stele as Legominism
        by jcat on Friday November 30, @10:59PM
        ...snort!...Ezra pound?

        Confuscius say: EL Duchie!

        why not Antonin Artaud?...for that matter who said:

        "Writing is trash
        People who leave the realm of the obscure
        in order to define whatever is going on in thier
        minds, are trash"...ect.

        I'll take that over the insipid Pound any day,
        with his tortuous forced confuse us hack
        Confusciouson stuffy scholar airs..blech!

        • Re: The Stele as Legominism
          by jcat on Saturday December 01, @05:46AM
          Crowley next to May West
          Swami so and so on his left
          go down the row to W.C.Fields
          with Jung popin from behind
          and past Poe to Astair
          two more over three down
          to George in red, here it
          comes the SUN O> gently weeps

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