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General Thelema Posted by Matt on Monday December 03, @10:33AM
from the hole-of-the-law dept.

The 0=2 equation is a seemingly important part of Thelema, so I was wondering if you could clarify a few things for me.

First, Nuit is nothing, correct? By this equation, She is also the entire world of duality (2, right?). "Nothing" is not an easy concept to grasp -- by this term, are we talking about absolutely nothing, or perhaps the veils of negative existence above the Tree of Life (implying that Nuit is No-thing that can be conceived of), or something else?

To be dissolved into the body of Nuit, must one practice "Love under Will"? Can one interpret love under will to mean something besides sex? From reading Crowley, I get the impression that the term means "unite opposites, such as ego and non-ego (connect the self with All), and by so doing, lose all concept of individuality, and experience oneness with All as Nothing."

By that definition, Love under Will links directly with the 0=2 equation and can be applied to all aspects of life.

Am I on to something or have I missed the mark?

By the way, the 0=2 chapter of Magick Without Tears: Doesn't 0 to the 0 power equal 1? Does this throw a kink in the equation? (I realize it's a metaphor; not mathematically true -- unless you accept AL I:4.)

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