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  The Lost Teachings of Zarathustra: Part 7
Self Realization Posted by Marc Cohen on February 25, 2002 @ 12:57 PM
from the bury-me-not-on-the-lone-prayeree dept.

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VII. The Bridge

By now were seas of tears falling from Zarathustra's eyes. The Reader was puzzled and intrigued by such an uncivilized, dangerous display of emotion. "Why do you cry, Madman?"

"Because it is not Zarathustra whose work shall be carried on." Tears slid down his eyes, describing a small puddle on the earth. Into the puddle did Zarathustra stare.

The Reader demanded, "What are you staring at, Madman?" entranced by -- even fixated upon -- Zarathustra's "madness."

"Zarathustra's death."

"How shall you die?"

"'How shall Zarathustra die?'
Asks the hostile gadfly,
Anticipation betraying his 'concerned' eyes,
Celebration awaiting this
Deicidist's demise.
Yea, you shall see me in stone cold death --
Caesar slain as if a drowned glacier --
But all the Earth shall feel my final breath,
My body mutilated by Nature.
Let my limbs be torn and my blood pour like rain
In intoxicated insanity, my soul -- Dionysus! I claim!
Zarathustra, the Murderer of God, shall read my epitaph,
Yet this Redemption from Man be incomplete, success half.
I, Murderer of God, become God Most High,
Thus must I die -- for all True Gods must die.
Death! How sweet is your call.
It stirs Life -- to relive it all!
Death! Thou shalt be the finale of YES! my hymn to Pan.
I put thee off, there is too much Joy in this Tragedy of Man!
Death! How I fight thee! How I spit in thy eye and curse thy reproaching axe!
Thou art the nagging wife of this Symphony, threatening the approaching climax.
Death! Sings this Symphony in words of Life. speechless and soundless, Apollo be overcome.
Tragedy! The Gift of Ariadne, my Wife, Events the Chorus, Zarathustra becomes the Son!"

Thus sang Zarathustra.

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