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  Remembering the Process
Weirdness Posted by Xnoubis on Tuesday May 30, @09:56PM
from the get-me-to-the-church-on-grime dept.

The Process Church of the Final Judgement is featured on the cover of the June issue of the Fortean Times. The Process (a Satanic offshoot of Scientology that attained prominence in the late '60s) will probably be remembered as having had the most poorly managed public relations in the history of occultism. But they did cultivate a stunning sense of style, as can be seen in this archive of their published newsletters and tracts. They're a group worth keeping in mind, if only as the perfect example of how not to run a cult.

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    Re: Remembering the Process
    by Michael Sanborn on Tuesday May 30, @10:04PM
    There's a great book about the Process called Satan's Power by sociologist William Sims Bainbridge, now unfortunately out of print. I was hoping to find a good web resource about it, but the only thing worthy of note that I turned up was that Bainbridge and his whole family share a web site, and that their coat of arms is crowned with a black goat! Damnedest thing . . .
    • Re: Remembering the Process
      by Mikal on Friday June 02, @09:04PM
      Yes, SATAN'S POWER is an excellent book. Grab one if you see it at a garage sale -- the book regularly fetches $50 or better from rarity dealers.

      As for *The Process*, they have been linked by more than one author to all sorts of sinister occult-related crimes. In THE FAMILY, Ed Sanders claimed that Charlie Manson was a Process initiate and was influenced by their doctrines -- a claim that forced the remaining Process members to take Sanders' publisher to court. The publisher lost, and had to remove certain libelous references to the group from successive editions of THE FAMILY.

      And let's not forget Maury "THE ULTIMATE EVIL" Terry. Terry blamed The Process for not only the Manson killings, but for New York City's Son of Sam killings in the late 70s, as well as several other unsolved murders. By the time the book was published, The Process was long officially *kaput*; Terry said the group had gone underground and had become the kingpin of the violent Satanist criminal underground. THE ULTIMATE EVIL also got bowlderized by the courts for libel, albeit by the O.T.O, who were dragged into the narrative and smeared as an ally and aboveground faction of this imaginary Luciferian crime empire. Again, pre-lawsuit First Editions of the Sanders and Terry books are collectors' items, and make entertaining reading for those amused by full-blown anti-occultist paranoia.

    • Re: Remembering the Process
      by tzeenj on Wednesday November 01, @02:36PM

      As it is...so be it... ;)

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