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  Ebony Anpu's Memorial Museum of Magick
Magick Posted by Balaam & Faustus on Sunday June 11, @06:41PM
from the hawk-and-jekyll dept.

The Curators are proud to announce the online debut of Ebony Anpu's Memorial Museum of Magick.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Ebony's work, he was one of the San Francisco Bay Area's most highly influential teachers and innovators in the field of Thelemic magick, as well as an expert in Egyptology, astronomy/astrology, computer science, and electric guitar. The Museum is dedicated to preserving his work for future generations, and paying tribute to a fine human being whose perserverance through great and varied ordeals (especially physical injuries and illness) was an inspiration and example to many of us.

Currently the exhibits consist of: Hawk and Jackal -- the most complete collection currently available of Ebony's writings, including the rituals of his Hawk and Jackal order, and detailed instructions in his unique system of Tesseract Magick; Ebony Anpu and the Hawk and Jackal System: a Personal Perspective -- a newly revised version of a paper by one of Ebony's students, which shows how far-reaching his influence could be; Some Memories of Ebony -- a short essay recounting a few of many anecdotes which Ebony inspired; and Links to some other Ebony sites -- a collection of the internet tributes to Ebony which have appeared since his death.

We hope to add much more in the future, a photo gallery is presently in the works, and anyone who knew Ebony is urged to contact us with any pictures and/or stories of him they may have.

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