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  Kenneth Anger on RealVideo
General Thelema Posted by Xnoubis on Wednesday August 16, @09:34AM
from the puce-memento dept.

This has apparently been up for a while, but I just noticed it. Kenneth Anger, pioneering film maker, gossip monger, and Thelemite, is featured in a series of interviews at Disinformation. In Part 1, he talks about his career. Part 2 is an hour-long discussion of the life and magick of Aleister Crowley. Two further installments are apparently on the way.

Watching streaming video isn't usually my idea of fun, but this is interesting stuff.

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    Re: Kenneth Anger on RealVideo
    by Marfiza on Thursday August 17, @05:18PM
    Interestingly, Anger says that Boleskine was unsuccessful as a bed and breakfast, and talks about it as though it no longer is... but it's still online as a lodging place (£55/person/night, and £20/person extra if you're by yourself... eep!)... He's also dead wrong about what Baile os-ceann means. "Place of Baal" indeed. Sheesh. But hey, ya know.

        - M

    • Re: Kenneth Anger on RealVideo
      by Nechesh on Friday August 18, @01:20AM
      Do anyone know how much the present owners paid for the house? I have a dream...

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