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  Greco-Roman Revival
Magick Posted by Xnoubis on Sunday November 19, @12:57PM
from the classical-geist dept.

I've recently become aware of a number of notable websites devoted to Greek and Roman Paganism.

Nova Roma is an organization dedicated to the study and restoration of ancient Roman culture, while the Julian Society is a religious order upholding the Roman Virtues against the encroachment of the alien Christian faith. Biblioteca Arcana provides history, rituals, hymns, and links for both the Greek and Roman traditions.

Of particular interest is Threskia: The Greek Thelemic Mystery Tradition, which (as the name suggests) combines Thelema and Hellenic Paganism. Fun for the whole oikos!

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    Re: Greco-Roman Revival
    by RIKB on Monday November 20, @12:13AM
    There's also my Greek Gematria Database at http://www.horusset.com/greek/ It's not Greco-Roman paganism per se, but it is a Greek gematria resource for Magicians, including all of the Greek words in Crowley's unpublished Liber 1264, and a whole lot more.

    Re: Greco-Roman Revival
    by Rafael Kitover on Monday November 20, @10:45AM
    Very cool, thanks Xnoubis!

    The Threskia LBRP http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Olympus/7496/thlbrp.html is incredible, much better than the greek LBRP from the new Middle Pillar book.

    Re: Greco-Roman Revival
    by Nexist on Thursday November 30, @01:02PM
    Cool beans man. I knew about the Nova Roma, & Threskia sites, but the Julian Society & Biblioteca Arcana are too cool. I now need to buy a bunch of books but such are the prices one pays.

    My oldest son's name is Julian, a name I accepted because of the good Emperor.

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