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  Magdalene Meretrix
Sex Worship Posted by Xnoubis on Thursday December 21, @04:32PM
from the kteis-is-right dept.

I don't spend too much time reading Thelemic e-lists, but when I have recently, I've noticed several thought-provoking posts from a writer who goes by the name of Magdalene Meretrix. So I took the opportunity to examine a few of her many online projects and had a most rewarding experience.

I was particularly pleased to see her site dedicated to Sacred Sexuality from the Thelemic perspective, Beds of Purple, and within that, the essay "From Agape to Praxis: The Fourfold Nature of Love." She has a wonderful ability to adapt her writing style to the project at hand, whether it's a Virtual Prostitution Museum or her unique erotica, which succeeds at being both arousing and very human at the same time.

Most recently, she's published a useful introduction to tantra, "Can You Bhoga All Night Long?," in the erotic web journal Clean Sheets, for which she serves as "webguru." Keep an eye out for further works from this important Thelemic voice.

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    Re: Magdalene Meretrix
    by the Reverend Rob on Thursday December 21, @11:42PM
    How much do important bootlegs of the voice go for in the Naylor circles, and will O.T.O. sue me if I distribute them?

    Re: Magdalene Meretrix
    by David R. Jones on Saturday December 30, @03:28PM
    Soror Magdalene has been a shining light, friend and inspiration in Thelemic cyberspace since my earliest forays. Her style, depth and lucidity are always fluorescent and evolving towards new levels of perfection.

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