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  And where did Crowley burn?
General Thelema Posted by J. B. on Friday December 22, @07:55PM
from the pyre-of-the-realm dept.

During a recent visit to Brighton, East Sussex, I could not resist the temptation of visiting the crematory where Crowley's infamous funeral-service was held.

However, after a short investigation I found that Brighton has two crematories, both situated very close to each other in the cemetery of Brighton. If my memory does not fail, one was called "Woodvale" (or something similar) and the other had a shorter name, like "Downs". Anyway, both seemed old enough (and public enough) to be the crematory where Master T. was cremated, so the spontaneous question that one would ask oneself is of course in which crematory the event took place.

Thus I, and (I am certain) many with me, would be extremely grateful if anyone knowing the answer to this question would care to enlighten us who do not know.

Thank you in advance, J. B.

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    Re: And where did Crowley burn?
    by Peter Grey on Tuesday December 26, @05:06AM

    As a Thelemite living in Brighton, the answer is Woodvale crematorium on the Lewes road.
    Aleister also stayed with Montague Summers here, though I do not have an actual address. Brighton has a very interesting magickal history, Doreen Valiente also made it her home and Victor Neuburg ended his days close by.
    Any other pilgrims passing through are more than welcome to contact me by e-mail.

    93 93 93

    Peter Grey

    • Thank you
      by J. B. on Thursday December 28, @07:43AM
      Thank you, it certainly feels good to finally be able to pick out the right photographs...

      Do what thou Wilt, J.B.

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