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  The Blue Topaz
Magick Posted by Tau Aleph on January 20, 2001 @ 07:28 PM
from the order-in-the-quartz dept.

In the Thelemic year IIIxvii (1987 e.v.), I was attempting to integrate the understanding I had achieved through working with Ma'atian magick into a ritual of my own devising. At first, I began to rationally construct a ritual based on both my knowledge and experience, but they result came out feeling a bit stilted, and I was not satisfied with it.

Two years earlier, I had successfully completed a six-month intensive working of Liber Samekh, so it was natural for me to invoke my daimon for a little assistance. The result of this was phenomenal. Shortly after completing the invocation and engaging in meditation, I stood up to make another attempt at ritual construction, and was amazed to find that the ritual which I later named The Blue Topaz flowed out of me without any conscious thought or effort.

In fact, after naming the Guardians of the Four Quarters, a problem which I had not previously been able to solve to my satisfaction, I exclaimed "AHA". When I finished and sat back down to pen the ritual which I had just performed, I therefore omitted the "AHA", thinking that it had not been part of the transmission, but merely my own reaction to it.

A few days later, I began a qabalistic analysis of the new ritual. I was surprised to find that it had a very symmetrical qabalistic structure, and even more surprised to find that the "AHA" was essential to it. I went on to write the following analysis and commentary, An Analysis of the Blue Topaz.

One of the ideas which came out of this was that there are sub-Aeons within the Aeon of Horus, a topic I will pursue in a future article.

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    Re: The Blue Topaz
    by Xnoubis on Sunday January 21, @08:52AM
    What a great ritual!

    A practical question, though: you don't mention anything about the legs for the sign of Nu. I make the sign of Isis Rejoicing with the legs wide-spread. Are the legs together for Nu?

    • Re: The Blue Topaz
      by Tau Aleph on Sunday January 21, @10:57AM
      The smoothness of the whole series of gestures seems to be important, so yes, I have always kept the legs together when making the sign of Nu.

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