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  Hail Mary Magdalene
Sex Worship Posted by Xnoubis on Tuesday February 06, @01:02PM
from the ecce-hetero dept.

Salon provides this hot little blasphemy from the pages of The Erotica Project. "Behold! I come quickly!"

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    Re: Hail Mary Magdalene
    by Virbius on Wednesday February 07, @02:06AM
    Please pardon my "You go girl!" level comments here but that was really good.

    Re: Hail Mary Magdalene
    by Xnoubis on Friday February 09, @04:42PM
    Usually, that other biblical Mary isn't so interesting. But Suck has a wonderful treatment of the Virgin's appearances in Fatima and elsewhere, well worth checking out. "Air Force personnel in need of future interventions need not worry about Our Lady's claim that Medjugorje will be her last visit to earth; Mary has done more farewell tours than The Who."

    • Re: Hail Mary Magdalene
      by Leigh Ann on Monday February 19, @08:43PM
      VERY interesting, that Suck article; and both amusing and fascinating are the links to which it refers. I especially likethis really interesting article called "Madonnas that Maim" -- not that I'm biased towards it or anything just because the author refers, for some of his point-making, to poems by Seamus Heaney (whom I unqualifiedly adore)... ;) But it's also interesting to compare all that Duffy (the author) says to the sort of things Uncle Al said in the commentary to AL III:55...

           - M

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