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  Because And His Kin
General Thelema Posted by Mordecai Shapiro on February 27, 2001 @ 07:42 PM
from the because-of-the-wonderful-things-he-does dept.
There is great danger in me; for who doth not understand these runes shall make a great miss. He shall fall down into the pit called Because, and there he shall perish with the dogs of Reason.
Now a curse upon Because and his kin!
May Because be accursed for ever!
If Will stops and cries Why, invoking Because, then Will stops & does nought.
If Power asks why, then is Power weakness.
Also reason is a lie; for there is a factor infinite & unknown; & all their words are skew-wise.
Enough of Because! Be he damned for a dog!
-- Liber Legis, II:27-33

The word because was originally a phrase, 'by cause', and it still means exactly that. In addition to referring to causation generally it also sometimes specifically denotes motivation and purpose, 'conscious causation' if you will.

'Because' is about the reasons for things, both in the strictly rational sense and in the purely volitional sense.

Science and Magick are thus without doubt the kin of Because.

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    Re: Because And His Kin
    by Shader XX on Wednesday February 28, @01:33AM
    ah, because and his kin, falling down into ye old
    pit...i have gotten soooo much milage out of that one,

    i get this image of two small children, one says:
    but why?...and the other says: because!...and the other says; but why?...and the other says: just because!...and the other: ya but why is that?...the other: just because and that is all there is to it!...and this goes on indefinatly

    so here goes; there are the powers that be!
    as in the old aeon powers that be; the powers
    of be-cause, the first cause (unmoved mover)
    as excuse for everything and anything = oppression
    repression, and all just BE-cause thay say so

    therefore to ask why is considered rebelious,
    as we of the new aeon are; asking why and doing
    it with a will to change, but the logic follows;
    what happens when we get our change; will it be on a new octave? which is the runes A.C. is refering to?...since it is obvious the be-cause can become
    the powers that be; and this time it is us!

    and so it goes; science is in the same boondogel
    an experiment that is done to explain the experiment; and on and on meanwhile who is funding the experiment?...will the powers that be
    always control the experiment?...that we are?

    somehow magick was paralleling religion, but the
    cosmic chess game isn't over yet!...as the karma
    speeds up, the dogs of REASON ( anti
    -evolutionary) forces mount the powers of thier REASON thier BE-cause, and thelema as agents of change mount thier secret runes; but could Crowley
    have seen the future unfold into the electronic
    armagedon of the cyber sphere?...information IS
    power, it is all a mad dash for information in
    mega hrtz...what happened to the days when just learning to do a banishing was a quantum leap in
    itself, the DO WHAT THOU WILT part is still
    a huge mystery...no matter what they tell you!!!

    • Re: Because And His Kin
      by Tua-mut-f on Wednesday March 28, @05:59PM
      >i get this image of two small children, one says:
      but why?...and the other says: because!...and the other says; but why?...and the other says: just because!...and the other: ya but why is that?...the other: just because and that is all there is to it!...and this goes on indefinatly......and so it goes; science is in the same boondogel an experiment that is done to explain the experiment; and on and on meanwhile who is funding the experiment?...will the powers that be always control the experiment?...<

      Not having near enough time to pursue my magickal interests and practices as much as I would like, I will try to explain my take on this topic from the perspective of a scientist. I know a little more about science than magick. Shrader XX raises some very interesting and salient points. This is the suffering of many a science graduate student and postdoc that has done the full tour of duty or washed out due to failure to comply or from the shear burn-out of banging ones head against the wall. Usually, they join labs conducting research in a field in which they are interested. Frequently, they are never permitted to be creative and explore a path that may seem irrelevant or certainly never if it is contradictory to the goals of the lab, particularly if it threatens the previously reported data of the mentor. Hence, we are stuck with the "but why" and "because (we have previously demonstrated, therefore it is now dogma)". Therefore, a student may spend many years trying to prove their mentor's theories. This can lead to a very disfavorable relationship between student and mentor after the student spends countless months generating data that conflicts or disproves the mentor's previus publications. Quite frequently, the response of the mentor is to accuse the student of incompetence and the student is from this point on branded with a Scarlett A. It would never cross the mentor's mind that their theory may just be plain horse-puckey. This just isn't the way science works. So as Shrader accurately points out, the experiment is done to explain the experiment. As for funding, one must never forget that grants are reviewded by persons considered to be experts in the field. The grants that are written to corroborate the results of the reviewers are much more likely to get funding than those that conflict with or challenge the reviewers' hypotheses, results, and publications. The boondogel is set in stone.

      So what is the true "method of science"? For me, two monumental works come to mind. A former professor of mine gave me the best knowledge I could ever have learned in grad school when he said "Don't ever get married to your on hypotheses. You may spend countless years trying to prove something that can't be proven because your hypothesis is wrong." He then gave me copies of these manuscripts. The first was written by the geologist, Thomas C. Chamberlain, published in Science in 1890, and entitled The Method of Multiple Working Hypotheses. The key point of this article can be summed up in an introductory comment, "With this method the dangers of parental affection for a favorite theory can be circumvented." The second paper was an address in 1963 to the Division of Physical Chemistry of the American Chemical Society by the physicist/biophysicist John R. Platt, entitled The New Baconians. The key point is again to have alternative hypotheses and the method is not to prove any of the hypotheses, but to design experiments that DISPROVE the hypotheses. Where have we heard this before? " `No data yet," he (Sherlock Holmes) answered. It is a capital mistake to theorize before you have all the evidence. It biases the judgment.'" and again, "'Eliminate all other factors, and the one which remains must be the truth. '"(A Study in Scarlet and The Sign of Four, respectively, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle). For me, this is directly relevant to magick. Since I have already elaborated a bit on the scientific method and probably lost the interest of most of the readers here, I will conclude by saying that I have had the frequent opportunity to have conversations about a person's perspective on magick. When I ask "why", I have many times gotten "Uncle Al said, I believe it, and that settles it." How I abhor from this way of thinking. Is my thinking wrong that Crowley probably, like most people, wrote about what worked for him and didn't waste his time writing about what didn't (I must confess that I haven't read everything he has written; maybe he did write about failures. I just haven't seen any in his technical treatises). In my opinion, he applied the scientific method (i.e. multiple hypotheses, disproof, and wrote about that which remained [worked]). I am trying to do the same. Damn, it is slow and tedious! And for thos einterested, both of the scientific articles I mentioned are rather obscure, but Chamberlain's was reprinted in Science, volume 148, pages 754-759, May 1965, and Platt's was reprinted in Science, volume 146, pages 347-353, October 1964. A warning in advance...very dry.


    Re: Because And His Kin
    by Tim Maroney on Wednesday February 28, @06:16PM
    There is perhaps some common ground here with being "unassuaged of purpose, delivered from the lust of result." That is, there is (or may be) an exhortation to do things without conscious intent in both cases.


    • Re: Because And His Kin
      by Anthony on Thursday March 01, @12:39AM
      Crowley writes about programming the will through conscious intent-desire, whereupon the will responds by feeding back a particular impulse to consciousness. This impulse must be acted upon, absolutely, without lust of result (criticism from consciousness, for example), in order for the given desire to manifest. And that desire might manifest in a slightly, or very different form than the original desire, thus the importance of losing expectation as regards the result. In this way, Do What Thou Wilt is a philosophy of action and immediacy, and would be destroyed by excessive deliberation.

      • Re: Because And His Kin
        by Shader XX on Thursday March 01, @02:47AM
        exactly...but Mordecai's point i think was that
        we are surrounded by exessive deliberation on all sides, so no matter how pure your desire for the
        un lusted after result and the corresponding
        impulse; there is always a factor infinite and unknown that we can never be absolutly certain of;
        therefore a be-cause factor that is a rational
        by product of "Magick and Science"...

        being that this is a very convoluted concept
        one has to look long and hard for the imbedded
        subcontexual notion; which if detected and understood could be pretty revolutionary in itself
        which can only screw us around the place where
        we have a deeper sense of the phenomonen, a kind
        of X factor...which anticipates the future, i
        believe that Crowley was so imbedded in his own
        exessive deliberation, that, and his being Crowley
        and all; that his nature was so exessive and at the same time so profound was his desire for transformation that the beast he created is still
        roaming the highland pastures waiting to be tamed
        like a wild Mustang; he was that good and that bad at the same time, we are therefore left with a
        kind of quantum puzzel a kind of demon box, rubric
        cube, a chinese puzzel within a puzzel, and here
        we are closing on the Alpha zero point of history;
        so many possibilities, so many abstractions, so much to know and learn and teach, so much politics
        craping up the works, so much ego, deliberate;
        it is as if all we have to do is invoke 'Will' over and over, but where IS that will?...can you find the (True) will in all its guises of desire?
        quickly now the demon box is turning; dare you interfere, are you certain of your intent? the
        warp and woof of space and time are closing in
        in this sector, how alien is alien? LAM

        • Re: Because And His Kin
          by Anthony on Thursday March 01, @07:47AM
          The X factor is The Fool.
          There are parallels in Hegel, though Hegel being Hegel, the balance is towards Reason again rather than Chaos-Creation.
          I would not polarise too strongly between desire and true will. In fact I would not polarise them at all. Though that implies a certain level of clarity already having been attained. It would be a different case, no doubt, for someone obese with TV reality.
          Liber Aleph makes this point uncategorically.

          • Re: Because And His Kin
            by Shader XX on Thursday March 01, @04:40PM
            i do not take anybodys word for it, especially Crowely, everything is in a polarity, a paradox True Will
            is merely an asumption based on someone elses
            experiance, i do not deny the possibility, and
            i also belive that desire is the key

            do not fool yourself is the injunction!

            listen to you OWN inner voice, once you have turned off the TV reality...and or the cyber
            information glut

            • Re: Because And His Kin
              by Anthony on Saturday March 03, @01:30AM

              • Re: Because And His Kin
                by Shader XX on Sunday March 04, @07:11PM
                AYe!!!matie...shiver me britches...what ever that
                piratease means!

                now hoist the skull and cross bones!

          • Re: Because And His Kin
            by Kaladevi Adinatha on Tuesday March 06, @11:35AM
            Lovely discussion you promulgated, here, Mordecai. How interesting that it follows so closely on the tails of my having queried Michael Sanborn about just this subject only a week or so ago. I thank you all for your discussion of the topic, furthering my understanding. I thank Michael for providing this forum.


      • Re: Because And His Kin
        by Mordecai Shapiro on Sunday March 04, @09:49PM
        >In this way, Do What Thou Wilt is a philosophy of action and immediacy, and would be destroyed by
        >excessive deliberation.

        Mussolini felt the same way, which makes his expulsion of Crowley from Italy all the more ironic.

        • Re: Because And His Kin
          by Anthony on Monday March 05, @01:21AM
          Yeah.. but perhaps he felt that there was enough room only for one bald fascist in his country.

          • Re: Because And His Kin
            by Samael on Monday March 05, @03:53PM
            I am not EVEN going to touch this one! ;-)

            • Re: Because And His Kin
              by Shader XX on Tuesday March 06, @07:40PM
              ya, but you got to admit it's pretty godamned
              funny, even if it is a bald faced lie!!!

              fingers crossed XX

    Re: Because And His Kin
    by Patrick E. McCaffery on Friday March 09, @12:53PM
    I can remember the drills and exercises that we would run through in preparation for wrestling matches. The underlying idea was to enact a movement, throw, take-down, etc. multiple, multiple, times until the movement itself was purely instinctive working off of muscle memory alone with no conscious "run through" of the actual dynamics of the move.

    Reminiscing finds me reaching that pinnacle of operation where I could rely on the "muscle memory" to be present as I had practiced these moves, successfully, so many times that the success was part of the inherent subconscious memory, leaving my conscious mind to deal with the changing factors around me. At this level my intuitive nature would actually operate in a precognitive sense, seeing exactly where the elements were about to change before the "change" had taken place, thereby removing any reactionary or reflective (!Because!)tendencies.

    Although at risk of my sounding slightly redundant, I can recall reading in several different places AC's advice to practice a working or formula to its successful extent many times before endeavoring to undertake the actual ritual. Might this applicative Magikal memory operate in much the same way as the physical memory in perfecting the Will towards the Work? Are they even separate?

    Both subjects (Magick & Athletics(don't laugh))pose impending failure if not executed correctly with total clarity and commitment and loads of follow through. I expect that the development of ones Magikal Memory can and will enable them to conduct themselves with utter confidence in not having to reevaluate any smaller aspects of the operation, leaving the intuitive nature free, again, to deal with the changing factors around them(if there are any).

    This sounds to me to be at least a very close cousin to "unassuaged of purpose, delivered from the lust of result" as the result has been successfully produced enough times (astrally)that the magicians Will is actually removed from the process. He/She by habit alone heads for the successful attainment of the work by intuitive nature, not conscious choice making, as the path to success is clearly and openly marked. Like a domino effect, each next phase of the work is penetrated by the projection of success even before realization occurs. Again all by intuitive habit. Almost building rhythms. At this point the magician simply removes himself/herself from the equation as a personality, and the rhythm builds without effort having already found successful purchase in the astral plane.

    Thanks for the space.

    Re: Because And His Kin
    by Anthony on Saturday March 10, @01:45AM
    Great post, thanks.
    The very essence of Will, I think, is therein.

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