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  The Four-Square Name of the Beast
General Thelema Posted by Xnoubis on April 09, 2001 @ 06:33 PM
from the diamonds-are-forever dept.

Inspired by the work of Rowena Pattee Kryder (The Gaia Matrix Oracle, Volume II, p. 139, in particular), a formulation of the aspects of the Beast (structured, ironically enough, on Tetragrammaton) occurred to me.

  • Atziluth: The Will of the Cosmos, or Chokmah
  • Briah: The Spirit of the Sun, or Sorath
  • Yetzirah: The Will of each individual
  • Assiah: The Beast as manifested historically in the person of Aleister Crowley

I'd like to emphasize that there's an important distinction between Thelema and certain other spiritual traditions we could name, in that there is no reason to regard Crowley as an infallible authority even if he is recognized as the Beast. (Does the title "Beast" suggest infallibility to you? Didn't think so.)

At the same time, it's clear that the identification of Crowley as the Beast is in a way arbitrary, or at least a conclusion to be drawn from one particular perspective. From another perspective, there is nothing to distinguish Crowley from other individuals.

Going further, there is nothing to distinguish the the Will of humanity from that of the rest of the planet. There is nothing to distinguish the Sun from other stars. And there is nothing to distinguish the Cosmic Will from the Endless Void.

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