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  Trance and Public Policy
Magick Posted by Xnoubis on August 22, 2001 @ 09:19 AM
from the another-fine-mesmer dept.

In his book, Trance: From Magic to Technology, Dennis Wier writes:

Every new technology carries with it additional responsibility. This is also true of trance technology. Any technology can be quite dangerous for the immature. Trances are dangerous enough for people who get caught in a trance without knowing what is happening to them. Those who consciously manipulate people into trances for which there may be no escape or which have secondary effects have committed a serious injury and should be held culpable at law. What comes to mind in this regard is the television trances which feed the hypnotized subjects endless images of violence. Such hypnotized subjects are without doubt potentiated to commit future violence and the producers of such images should be held culpable for any such violent acts as though they had committed it themselves.

Trance induction is, of course, a favorite activity of magicians. Do have an ethical obligation to disclose the content of messages implanted in the trance-generating materials we distribute? Should this responsibility be encoded in law, as Wier suggests?

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    Re: Trance and Public Policy
    by Shasu Ma'akheru on Wednesday August 22, @11:28AM
    Should this responsibility be encoded in law, as Wier suggests?

    Not until you can reliably detect and quantify a trance state. Being able to demonstrate a definite link between televised violence and real-world violence -- which has never been convincingly done -- would also be a reasonable prerequisite.

    IMHO, the self-loathing which the fashion industry inculcates in the general populace is far more serious of a social disease than any isolated incidences of violence. Indeed, that self-loathing is a more credible cause of violence than exposure to violent images themselves.

    Re: Trance and Public Policy
    by Ulan Bator on Friday August 24, @11:39AM
    yes Yes YEs YES!!!!!!!! WHAT WE NEED IS MORE LAWS TO FOLLOW!!!! Thats what makes us civilized!!!

    Future violence must be eradicated, since we're all ex-victims of future violence!

    Re: Trance and Public Policy
    by jazzcat on Saturday August 25, @06:26PM
    gee, maybe we should outlaw poetry, on the possible chance, that upon reading it you might be induced into a trance like state, and increased intelligence, could be dangerious to the wellfair
    of the mass mentality..!

    that makes me somesort of mass mentality murderer?

    but on a more serious not(as if that wasn't)
    how do you qualify a subjective state?

    or for that matter how do you, objectify a subjective state?

    I practice what the surrealists call; objective chance, does this mean that i am inducing
    trance like awareness?

    and if that could be so easy, then this whole notion, is totaly off the chart, cuz the light
    coming from the far edges of the cosmos could be slightly different then what has been objectified
    by the top scientists!

    therefore; we could all be in a trance beyond our wildest dreams, and beyond our most objective observence of such states, so all our currant notions of such states is obsolite before
    we think it.

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