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  Media and Mystery
General Thelema Posted by Xnoubis on Thursday August 30, @04:27PM
from the gnostic-mass-communication dept.

In a way, esoteric schools have always been about media. In ancient Egypt, the priestly class was the literate class, preserving the sacred knowledge through the sacred practice of writing, generation after generation. The founding documents of the Rosicrucian movement (the Fama, the Confessio, and to a lesser extent the Chemical Wedding) could be considered to be a series of press releases. Theosophy, the Fourth Way, and AMORC were built to a large extent through publicity in the media. Certainly, Crowley attempted to work the media, with varying degrees of success. In more modern times, Scientology, Transcendental Meditation, Arica and est blazed new trails in esoteric media outreach. Nowadays, Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, Thich Nat Hahn, and the Dalai Lama are at the top of the metaphysical best-seller lists in bookstores everywhere.

Some traditions have had more successful relationships to the media than others. Perhaps the group with the worst media record I can think of would be the Process, who succeeded in drawing massive attention to themselves, only to make an impression of such villainy that their demise was assured. At the other end of the spectrum would have to be the Tibetan Buddhists, who have enjoyed a prolonged honeymoon with the media that shows no sign of abating.

Does Thelema itself imply a particular approach or set of goals regarding the media? How should we regard the media? What would the ideal relationship between Thelema and the media look like?

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    Re: Media and Mystery
    by jazzcat on Thursday August 30, @05:12PM
    ...this really is the penultimate 64 dollar question, anyway you look at it, any way you turn it, anyway you pour sand over it, anyway you attempt to decipher the rosetta stone of its secret code, it still elude's the answer sought
    after for, cuz you would sort to have to go back to Egypt, to try to feel, try to capture the mystery of Thoth, to grok the cyclic above, below
    experiance, that when the hand decended to the papyrus it was a sacred act, that every figure
    placed on the virgin surface resonated with magnetic presence, yes the scribe was of the higher class, however the peasant's lot was
    daily labor along the banks of the Nile, or baking
    bread or some such task, every action however small was invested with import to the whole, this
    'WHAT IT IS' has been passed down the centuries,
    through the sacred words, THE WORD, the above below, in, out, invisable glyph of space and time..down through the cycles of understanding,
    down through the change of patterns of knowing;
    Rosicrusian message beamed from the center of it,
    until we reach the bottem of the cycle, until history flatens out, and becomes the linear thrust
    of progress, that we be media mutilated by today, that
    Hitler used in his headlong rush for totalitarian splender and lust for destruction, SO WELL!!, modern communication, the modern media machine, its origin a byproduct of technology, of the genie out of the bottle, the mystery of the media shadow
    box, talken out of all sides of its mouth at once,
    who controls the media controls the mind and soul of the masses, the media black hole sucking all into its all powerful grasp!...are we crushed like
    rose petals yet?

    • Re: Media and Mystery
      by Parlertriks on Thursday August 30, @05:56PM
      pazuzu's petals?

      • Re: Media and Mystery
        by jazzcat on Thursday August 30, @07:19PM
        , who arrrreee yoooouuuu, pppaaazzzuuuuzzzzuuuu?

        you old devil!...

        ok ya got me hooked in!...you said my name!


    • Re: Media and Mystery
      by Mark Shekoyan on Thursday August 30, @10:13PM
      Remember the star trek episode where that energy being lands on the enterprise as they are hosting a pack of Klingons. Suddenly all of the passengers have melee weapons, and the teams are relatively evenly divided. Back and forth Kirk's Crew and the Klingons engage is this ongoing war fueled by anger and misunderstanding.

      People are injured, or die, but rise again to fight filled with the same rage and ignorance as before.

      This goes on for a while until they begin to realize that an energy being/vampire has manipulated their conscioness and is feeding off of their strife. They in all of their vitriolic fervor, are the breakfast, lunch, and dinner for a being who makes a mcburger out of psychic trauma.

      Then one day, they realize the one cure, the one way out of their lock box....Laughter. Manic, Nonrational, Full Of Life, Unmediated Laughter....

      Beyond the obvious parrallels to gnosticism, and yes, the Matrix, The Modern Media is like the psychic vampire mentioned above. It feeds, and fosters, human suffering with a seriousness and spiritual vampirism which sucks at the joy of being.

      If Thelema can offer anything in addition to its affirmation of life, light, love, and liberty, it can complete the Pentagram with the Akashic Spirit of Laughter.

      Not any laughter mind you. Not the laughter of the nihilist, or the self duplicit, not the nervous laughter of the hypocrit, or the cynical laughter of the ignorant.

      No, the laugther of which I speak stems from the undivided self, opened into selflessness. The manic giggle of the Crazy Wise Sage. The poingnant guffwaw of the Teetoling Taoist. The Happily Wandering Wacky Punchiline of Chuang Tzu.

      • Re: Media and Mystery
        by Lao Tzu on Friday August 31, @02:40AM

      • Re: Media and Mystery
        by Raquel De Grimstone on Friday August 31, @03:56AM
        It is obvious that the mainstream media machine sucks the life out of most subcultures, with the intent of rendering them powerless through projecting the original message as a charactiture
        of itself. Latest example in my mind is the Gap ad
        where you see an anticapitalist protester standing in front of a trashed Gap store and there are banners saying such nonsense like "freedom" etc...
        The sheer crudeness of their techniques should be laughed at, and replication of their sickness should be avoided as much as possible in all circles, including Thelema.

        Now I hear of a film being made about Jack Parson's
        life... Shall this film serve to make him just another Che Guevara type for tshirts of the youth?
        How will Hollywood produce a film about him when
        they dont even show sex scenes? It seems ridiculous
        to imagine, with the film industry acting like a slobbering baby, who can't keep its food down, and ends up covered in its own vomit....

        What we need are true Thelemic artists and producers who really feel the love and light in life and transfer that to their own creations....
        Forget about infiltration of the mass media mechanism, which will only lead to self destruction and loss of content...
        Make the First Annual Thelemic Film Fest!
        or go check out Hecate's shows when she tours California for the first time in September...

        • Re: Media and Mystery
          by Parlertriks on Friday August 31, @09:34AM
          "What we need are true Thelemic artists and producers who really feel the love and light in life and transfer that to their own creations...."

          yeh, more boring kenneth anger movies!

          • Re: Media and Mystery
            by jazzcat on Friday August 31, @04:24PM
            funny, but I don't think there is going to be any mainstream movies made about Crowley any time soon

            we got Disney 'Atlantis'
            we got 'Hobbits', coming out of the woodwork
            we got Jet Lee, fighting himself in other dimensions...

            Ah' the next MATRIX II, Woo Woo!

            but we got no Lucipher Rising two

            no Moon Child in the dream works boo hoo!!!

            • Re: Media and Mystery
              by Virbius on Friday August 31, @06:51PM
              Correction: I have been planning a film interpretation of Moonchild for several years now. I am holding out for a decent budget. It may be five years or more before any production begins.

              The silence of Mahathera Fang plays an important role in my interpretation, and long sections of the film have no dialog, especially in the deepest parts of the working.

              Ideally, I would like to find an actress who is willing to become pregnant for the role of Lisa, and actually perform the operation on film.

              • Re: Media and Mystery
                by Mordecai on Friday August 31, @08:40PM
                >Ideally, I would like to find an actress who is willing to become pregnant
                >for the role of Lisa, and actually perform the operation on film.

                No rhythm method actors need apply!

                • Re: Media and Mystery
                  by jazzcat on Friday August 31, @09:07PM
                  <>, Ba HA Ka Ho, Ho ha ha AHA!

                  kinda like rhythm method magick!!!!

                  but does it always work?...sometime the cycle
                  is on low cycle...

            • Re: Media and Mystery
              by Xnoubis on Saturday September 01, @11:56AM
              I'm holding out for the Confessions to be made into a BBC mini-series.

          • Re: Media and Mystery
            by Xnoubis on Saturday September 01, @11:53AM
            It's true that Thelema's niche within the media so far has been within the artistic avant-garde, sometimes effectively, sometimes not. (I, for one, enjoy Anger's "Inaugeration of the Pleasure Dome," at least.) Is that, simply, the answer? If Thelema's proper place is on the outskirts of media culture, are there ways to encourage the quality of Thelemic alternative art? What kinds of alternative art are condusive to a Thelemic focus?

      • Re: Media and Mystery
        by Xnoubis on Saturday September 01, @11:40AM
        Maybe we need to distinguish between modern media in general and media's most powerful component, television. Television and film have a special ability to induce trance (reinforcing mental loops through visual stimulation, vision being the dominant sense in most people), but the easy availability of television places it in a unique position. If there were no television, but only the internet, radio, film, print, and other arts, wouldn't media toxicity go way, way down?

    Re: Media and Mystery
    by Peter Grey on Friday August 31, @03:51AM

    As an official meeja hoor, I see developing the relationship between media and Thelema in an information age as essential.
    Fine, if you want to demonise the media, go right ahead, perhaps a more useful way to look at the media is as Babalon. Media is a Whore, it devours all comers, all information.
    How's your relationship with the Holy Whore?
    As modern magickians media manipulation should be a mark of our success. See the work of PTV, some of LaVey's spouting, get some ideas, and feed the media.
    In my work I deliberately expand the ideas of life, love, liberty and light by expounding the virtues of transgression, the beauty of freedom and venerating the holy trinity of sex,drugs and music. I do magick every day, people read what I write, my Will is done.
    We have the technology, use it.

    Just some thoughts.

    93 93 93

    Peter Grey

    • Re: Media and Mystery
      by Xnoubis on Saturday September 01, @12:06PM
      Regarding PTV, LaVey, and the Holy Whore: it seems as if the culture right now doesn't seem quite ready for a radical spiritual figure to catch wide-spread attention. PTV in particular was the right idea at the right time, but times have changed. Now seems more like a time of integration, when suburban comfort is lightly informed by gentle strangeness along the lines of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and teenage rebellion is co-opted by the likes of Marilyn Manson (or whatever the equivalent flavor is this season). The time for cultural figures of sharp innovation will come again, but not right away.

    Re: Media and Mystery
    by john-a-dreams on Monday September 10, @05:45PM
    As much as at times I wish that this could happen and as much as I could wish to Be involved in such a venture. I think that the reaction from most would be unpredictable...shall it be very skeptic?,horrible paranoid ? or shrug it off? who know's .....but I would love to hear what others think......

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