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1 The Banquet of Jupiter! by Marfiza on Wednesday August 22, @06:58PM 1
2 Nuit Sneak Preview by Marfiza on Monday June 19, @10:54PM 0
3 For the Translation Project... by Marfiza on Sunday June 25, @05:11PM 5
4 Music for Saints, Sinners and Spheres by Marfiza on Wednesday September 20, @05:47PM 0
5 Explore the Night; Embrace the Night; Become the Night by Marfiza on Saturday October 28, @02:18AM 0
6 Into a Sea of Stars by Marfiza on Tuesday January 23, @12:49PM 4
7 A Day in the Life... by Marfiza on Tuesday January 23, @02:33PM 5
8 APoD for 4/18 by Marfiza on Friday April 20, @11:33AM 0
9 Syberberg's Parsifal by Marfiza on Wednesday June 13, @12:23AM 0
10 Bacche! Bene venias! by Marfiza on Friday June 15, @09:21AM 1
11 Promethea Book Two is out! by Marfiza on Tuesday July 24, @05:34PM 1
12 Arabic Script by Marfiza on Monday August 06, @12:20AM 0
13 Synchretic Lughnasadh by Marfiza on Wednesday August 08, @11:14AM 2
14 Greater Feast of Ken Kesey by Marfiza on Monday November 12, @01:19PM 2
15 Cheese, Gromit! by Marfiza on Tuesday November 27, @09:45AM 4
16 Overheard in a bar ... by Marfiza on Tuesday October 09, @02:26AM 3

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