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1 Tome Page by Xnoubis on Wednesday August 29, @07:04PM 1
2 Neuro-theology by Xnoubis on Tuesday January 23, @09:36AM 8
3 The First Tongue? by Tau Aleph on Wednesday January 24, @09:16AM 2
4 Pecking out the Eyes of Jesus by Samael on Thursday March 01, @06:40PM 117
5 Thelema and Humanistic Psychology by matt vaughn on Sunday March 18, @11:15PM 13
6 Life of Akhenaten by Xnoubis on Tuesday March 27, @11:06PM 4
7 Two Fragments of disinfo by Xnoubis on Monday April 09, @06:14PM 9
8 Robertson Davies On Religion by Mordecai on Monday May 07, @10:03PM 2
9 Dante and the Divine Imagination by Virbius on Thursday May 31, @10:20PM 11
10 The Future of New Religions by Xnoubis on Thursday June 21, @11:49AM 33
11 Yezidi Revealed by Xnoubis on Wednesday June 27, @01:32PM 1
12 Golden Spike or Coffin Nail? by Mordecai on Friday July 20, @09:28PM 28
13 Crowley and Jung by Lloyd Keane on Friday October 26, @07:31PM 5
14 Misunderstanding Cults by Xnoubis on Thursday December 27, @02:16PM 0
15 Magick and Abstract Algebra by nef93 on Tuesday January 22, @10:55AM 3
16 Utopia by Rebecca on Thursday September 20, @04:22PM 12
17 The Philotyrannical Intellectual by Xnoubis on Friday October 05, @04:39PM 1

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