a Truth, laughter, lust: Wine's Holy Fool! Veil rent,
Lewd madness is sublime enlightenment.
b The Word of Wisdom weaves the web of lies,
Weds irreducible Infinities.
g Mother, moon-maiden, playmate, bride of Pan;
God's Angel-Minister to every man.
d Beauty, display thine Empire! Truth above
Thought's reach: the wholeness of the world is Love.
j Sire and inceptor, Emperor and King
Of all things mortal, hail Him lord of Spring!
v Wisdom to each apportioned to his want
By modes of Light, shed forth, great Hierophant!
z To each his Understanding sooth discovers
Wordless: your mode, immortal Twins and Lovers!
x Behold, the Chariot! Through the water floods
The Sangraal, life and rapture, Wine's and Blood's!
u The Lion-Serpent begets Gods! Thy throne
The rampant Beast, our Lady Babalon!
y Most secret seed of all Life's serpent plan,
Virgin, the Hermit goes, dumb Guardian.
k Sped by its energies triune, the Wheel
Of Fortune spins: its Axle's immobile.
l Adjustment! Rhythm writhes through every act.
Wild is the dance; its balance is exact.
m In Mother-Deeps of Ocean the God-Man
Hangs, Lamp of the Abyss Aeonian.
n Eagle, and Snake, and Scorpion! The Dance
Of Death whirls Life from Trance to Trance to Trance.
c O Solve, coagula! By V.I.T.R.I.O.L. shewn,
The Tincture, the Elixir, and the Stone.
` Io Pan! upon the summits the God-goat
Leaps in wild lust of ecstasy afloat.
p Bellona, scream! Unhood the Hawks! The roar
Of Universes crashing into War!
> Nuit, our Lady of the Stars! Event
Is all Thy play, sublime Experiment!
q Witch-moon, upon thy beck of blood afloat
The Midnight Beetle's brave prophetic Boat!
r The Sun, our Father! Soul of Life and Light,
Love and play freely, sacred in Thy sight!
c Nuit, Hadit, Ra-Hoor-Khuit! The Aeon
Of the Twin Child! Exult, o Empyrean!
t Naught becomes All to realise the span
Of naught, O perfect Universe of Pan.


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