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                                  PART I.

   The Hall is first purified by the banishing rituals of Pentagram and
   Next by Fire and by Water. {190}
   The General Exordium follows; then,
   The Exordium.
   I, P., with the help of Q.F.D.R. and T.T.E.G, am come hither to
consecrate a talisman of the Eagle Kerub of Jupiter that it may be powerful
to heal the sick, to alleviate pain, to give health and strength.  And I
swear, in the presence of the Eternal Gods, that, as liveth the Lord of the
Universe and my own Higher Soul, I will so create a dweller for this
talisman that it shall be irresistible to heal the sick, to alleviate pain,
to give health and strength: to the welfare of mankind and the glory of
   [I invoke the Higher by the first prayer in 5 = 6, and make the
sign of the Cross on the talisman.
   Purify talisman, Fire and Water.
   The Invoking ritual of the Hexagram of Jupiter is performed.]

"                     ""THE GREAT INVOCATION OF AMOUN."16

   Hail unto Thee, Lord of Mercy!  Hail, I say, unto Thee, the Father of
the Gods!
   O Thou, whose golden plumes stream up the sky in floods of light divine!
   Thou, whose head is as a sapphire, or the vault of the unchanging sky!
   Thou, whose heart is pitiful; where the Rose Dawn shines out amid the
   Thou, unchanging and unchangeable;
   Whom the Eagle follows; whom the Serpent doth embrace;
   O Thou that standest on the Scorpion!
   Thee, Thee, Thee, Thee, I invoke!
   O Thou! from whom the Universe did spring!
   Thou, the All-Father, Thou whose plumes of power rise up to touch the
Throne of the Concealed!
   Mighty!  Merciful!  Magnificent!
   Thee, Thee, Thee, Thee, I invoke!
   Behold!  Thou hast lifted up Thy Voice and the hills were shaken!  Yea,
Thou didst cry aloud and the everlasting hills did bow!  They fled away;
they were not!  And Thine Awful Sea rolled in upon the Abyss!
   For Thou didst look upon my face and say: Thou art my Son, this day have
I begotten Thee!
   Yea, O my Father, Thou hast spoken unto me and said: "Sit thou on my
right hand!" {191}
   But I have covered my face.  I have hidden myself.  I have knelt before
Thee in the Glory of Thy face!
   Arise, Lord God, arise and shine!  I am To-Day and I am Yesterday!  I am
the Brother of the Golden Dawn!
   In the Chariot of Life is my seat, and my horses course upon the
firmament of Nu!
   Come unto me, O my Father, for I know Thy Name!
   [Vibrate by formulae of the Middle Pillar and of the Mystic
        16 During the great invocation of Amon and Toum Maal T.T.E.G. and
          Q.F.D.R. respectively charge the talisman with Enterer sign.
            In Part I, T.T.E.G. will imagine herself throughout as clothed
          with a violet light and between two mighty pillars, of smoke and
            A white light must pervade the violet from above.
            Her station is in the place of Jupiter.
   I invoke Thee, the Terrible and Invisible God!
   I call Thee from the azure Throne!
   I raise my voice in the Abyss of Water!
   I raise my soul to contemplate Thy Face!
   Come unto me!  Hear me!  Appear in splendour unto these who worship at
Thy Feet!
   For who am I before Thy Face?  What is man, that Thou art mindful of
him; or the Son of Man that Thou visitest him!  Thou hast made him a little
lower than the Elohim ___ Thou hast Crowned him with Glory and Honour!
   Hear me!  Come unto me!
   In myself I am nothing ___ in Thee I am All Self!  Dwell Thou in me, and
bring me to that Self which is in Thee!
   O my Father! my Father! the Chariots of Ishrael, and the horsemen
   [All bow in adoration.  Standing in the Sign of Osiris slain, say:]
   I am the Abi-agnus, the Slain Lamb in thy Mountain, O Lord Most High!
   I am the Strength of the Race of Men, and from me is the Shower of the
Life of Earth!
   I am Amoun, the Conceal‚d One: the Opener of the Day am I!
   I am Osiris Onnophris, the Justified One.  I am the Lord of Life
triumphant over death!  There is no part of me that is not of the Gods.
   I am the Preparer of the Pathway: the Rescuer unto the Light!
   Out of the Darkness let the Light arise!
   [Raise hands to heaven.]
   Thou hast been blind and dead, O creature of talismans!  Now I say unto
Thee, Receive thy Life!  Receive thy Sight!
   I am the Reconciler with the Ineffable!
   I am the Dweller of the Invisible!
"                      "LET THE WHITE BRILLIANCE OF THE"
"                               "DIVINE SPIRIT"
                                 "DESCEND!"               {192}
   [Lower hands.  Touching talisman with white end of Wand.]
   Be thou a living creature!  Whose mind is open unto the Higher!
   Be thou a living creature!  Whose heart is a centre of Light.
   Be thou a living creature!  Whose body is the Temple of the Rosy Cross.
   In the number 21, in the name HB:Heh HB:Yod HB:Heh HB:Aleph , in the name
HB:Heh HB:Vau HB:Shin HB:Taw HB:Yod 17, in the Pass-Word INRI, I declare that I have
created thee, a living Spirit of this Sphere of Tzedeq, to do my will, and
work thine own salvation!
   Let us analyse the Key-Word.
   "Chief:" I.
   "2nd:" N.
   "3rd:" R.
   "All:" I.
   "Chief:" Yod. HB:Yod .
   "2nd:" Nun. HB:Nun .
   "3rd:" Resh. HB:Resh .
   "All:" Yod. HB:Yod .
   "Chief:" Virgo, Isis, Mighty Mother.
   "2nd:" Scorpio, Apophis, Destroyer.
   "3rd:" Sol, Osiris, Slain and Risen.
   "All:" Isis, Apophis, Osiris.
                                 Iota Alpha Omega 
                     (All give the sign of the Cross).
   "Chief, 2nd and 3rd Adepts:" The Sign of Osiris Slain.
      ("Chief:" L. The Sign of the mourning of Isis.)
        17 WEH NOTE: This is probable a typo for HB:Heh HB:Vau HB:Shin HB:Heh HB:Yod .
      ("2nd Adept:" V. The Sign of Typhon Destroyer.)
      ("3rd Adept:" X. The Sign of Osiris Risen.)
   "All:" LVX., Lux, The Light of the Cross.

                                PART II.18

   Purify talisman with Water and Fire.
   The Invocation of Water is made as in 3 = 8 and by the Enochian
Keys 10, 4, 11, 12 in E., W., N., S. respectively Invocation Scorpio
(sigma lambda eta iota ).19

"                 "The Invocation of the Great God Toum Maal"

   O Thou!  Majesty of Godhead!
   Toum Maal!  Thee, Thee I invoke!  {193}
   Lord of Amenta!  Lord of Enemehitt!
   o thou!  Whose head is golden as the sun, and thy nemyss as the night
   Thou who art as rugged as the wind!
   Who formulatest wonders in the world!
   Thou unchangeable as Ta-Ur!
   Thou, mutable as water!
   Changing ever, and ever the same!
   Thou, girt about with the Waters of the West as with a garment!
   Thou, who art, in the Beneath as in the Above, like to Thyself!
   Reflector!  Transmuter!  Creator!
   Thee, Thee, I invoke!
   Behold, I have set my feet in the West, as Rƒ that hath ended his work!
   Toum goeth down into thy Waters, and the daylight passeth, and the
shadows come!
   But I, I pass not, nor go down!
   The light of my Godhead gleams ever in Thy glowing skies;
   Horus is my Name, and the City of Darkness is my House:
   Thoth is on the prow of my Bark and I am Khephera that giveth Light!
   Come unto me!  Come unto me, I say, for I am He that standeth in Thy
   Behold! ye gathering eagles in the Sky!  I am come into the West!  I am
lifted up upon your wings!  Ye that follow the bier to the place of Rest.
Ye that mourn Osiris in the dusk of things!
   Behold He is in Me and I in Him!
   I am He that ruleth in Amenta!
   In Sleei (sigma lambda eta iota ) is my rule, and in Death is my dominion!
   Mine are the eagles that watch in the Eye of Horus!
   Mine is the Bark of Darkness, and my power is in the Setting Sun!
   I am the Lord of Amenta!
   Toum Maal is My Name!
   Hail unto Thee!  Hail unto Thee!  O mine eagle of the glowing West!
   [Vibrate by the formulae of the Middle Pillar and of the Mystic
   O crowned with darkness!  Mother-bird of the Holy Ones!  O golden-headed
Soul of sleep!  O firm, enduring shoulders!  O body of blue and golden
feathers!  O darkening feet, as of the skies of night!  O mighty Power of
claws and beak, invincible, divine!
   O great and glistening Wings! {194}
   Ride hither on the Storm!
        18 In Part II. Q.F.D.R. will imagine herself as a blue eagle
          between two mighty pillars.  White light pervades the blue from
          above.  Her station is in the West.
        19 See "777".  Egyptian name of Scorpio.
   [Vibrate by the formulae of the Middle Pillar and of the mystic
   Across the gloomy waters
   From the land of the Setting Sun
   Thou art come, Thou art come, for the Words of my Mouth are mighty
   Come, for the guests are ready, and the feast is spread before Thee!
   Come, for the destined spouse awaits Thy kiss!
   With roses and with wine, with light and life and love!  The soul of
Tzedeq waits!  Come then, O come to me!
   For I know that my Redeemer liveth, and that He shall stand at the
latter day upon the earth.
   I have fought upon earth for good.  I am purified.  I have finished my
course, I have entered into the invisible!  I am Osiris Onnophris the
Justified One.  I am the Lord of Life Triumphant over Death!  There is no
part of me that is not of the Gods.
   I am the Preparer of the Pathway: the Rescuer unto the Light!
   Out of the Darkness let the light arise!
   [Raise hands to heaven.]
   Thou hast been blind and dead, O creature of talismans!  Now I say unto
thee: Receive thy life!  Receive thy Sight!
   I am the Reconciler with the Ineffable!
   I am the Dweller of the Invisible!
"                      "LET THE WHITE BRILLIANCE OF THE"
"                               "DIVINE SPIRIT"
"                                 ""DESCEND!"

                                 PART III.

"       "The Chymical and Hermetic Marriage of the Eagle of the Waters"
"                         "with the Soul of Jupiter."

   [Purify the talisman with Water and Fire.]
   "Q.F.D.R..:" I am the Eagle of the Waters, and my Power is in the West!
   "T.T.E.G:" I am the Soul of Jupiter: in the sphere of Tzedeq is my name
   "P.:" I am the Reconciler between you!
   "Q.F.D.R..:" My Power is to give peace and sleep!
   "T.T.E.G:" My Power is to give strength and health!
   "P.:" I am the Reconciler between you!
   "Q.F.D.R..:" Toum Maal hath made me to this end!
   "T.T.E.G:" Amoun hath made me to this end!
   "P.:" I am the Reconciler between you!              {195}
   "Q.F.D.R..:" Pain could not dwell before us if we wed.
   "T.T.E.G:" Death could not come where we are if we wed.
   "P.:" I am the Reconciler between you!
   "Q.F.D.R..:" My robes were blue: where is their azure gone?
   "T.T.E.G:" My robes were violet: is their purple past?
   "P.:" I am the Reconciler between you!
   "Q.F.D.R..:" I am the eagle: and my form remains.
   "T.T.E.G:" I am the square: and still the square abides.
   "P.:" I am the Reconciler between you!
   ["Q.F.D.R.." and "T.T.E.G" together in grip of 5 = 6 over the
   We were two: are we not made one?
   "P.:" I am the Reconciler between you!
       O Maker and Creator and Preserver!
       Hear us who call Thee!
       Mighty Lord of Life, who hast given us life and love, who is like
         unto Thee?
       O God! hear us when we call!
       Pray Thou for us, that we may be made one!
       Unto God the Vast One let Thy prayer ascend!
   [The Magician shall kneel down and say:]
   Unto Thee, sole wise, sole mighty, sole merciful One, be the praise and
the glory for ever and ever!  Who hast permitted me to glean in Thy field!
To gather a spark of Thine unutterable light!  To form two mighty beings
from the spheres of Thy dominion!  To make them one by the operation of Thy
Divine Wisdom!
   Grant that this Eagle Kerub in the Sphere of Jupiter may be indeed
mighty on the Earth!  To heal the sick, to strengthen the infirm, to quiet
the pain of mortal men!
   Grant that this work be unto it for a salvation, and a very invocation
of Thy Light Divine, and a very link with the Immortal Soul of Man!
   Let it be pure and strong, that at last it may attain even unto the
eternal Godhead in the veritable
                              KHABS AM PEKHT!
                               KONX OM PAX!
                            LIGHT IN EXTENSION!

   And for ourselves we pray, that this work of mercy that we have wrought
to-night be for us a link with thy Divine Mercy, that we may be merciful,
even as Thou art merciful, O our Father which art in Heaven!
   That the Benignant Eye of the Most Holy and Concealed, the Ancient One
of Days, may open upon us, unto the glory of Thine Ineffable Name.

                                  "AMEN."               {196}

   Let us finally invoke the Divine Light upon this gentle spirit we have
created, that its paths may be light, and its way unto the White Glory
   By Sacrifice of Self shalt thou attain!
   By mercy and by peace shall be thy path!
   For I know that My Redeemer liveth and that He shall stand at the latter
day upon the earth.
   Be thy Mind open unto the Higher!
   Be thy Heart the Centre of Light!
   Be thy Body the Temple of the Rosy Cross!

   And now I finally invoke upon thee power and might irresistible: to heal
the sick, to alleviate pain, to strengthen and to restore to health!
                  21.  AHIH.  IHSHVH.  INRI.

   V.H. Soror Q.F.D.R., I now deliver into thy charge this pure and
powerful talisman!
   See thou well how thou dost acquit thyself herein!
   Keep it with reverence and love as a thing holy!
   Keep it in purity and strength!
   Let the dew of heaven descend upon it in the night season!
   Let this sacred perfume be burnt before it in the heat of day!
   At frequent times do this; and especially after thou has employed it in
a work of love.
   And if thou dose treat it ill, if thou dost use it unworthily, if thou
dost expose it to the gaze of the profane, then let its spirit return unto
the God that give it, and let its power be assumed by its evil and averse
antithesis to become a dreadful vampire, ever to prey upon thee, that the
Vengeance of the Gods may drink its fill.
   But, and if thou does well and faithfully, ye shall be unto each other
as a support and a blessing, and the Blessing of God the Vast One shall be
ever upon you in his name
                          :HB:Heh HB:Vau HB:Shin HB:Heh HB:Yod 
   And now in and by this very name I license all spirits to depart, save
that One whose Dual Nature I have bound herein.  But let them depart in
peace to their Divine Orders in the name of Jeovah Jeovaschah! and let them
be ever ready to come when they are called!
                      :HB:Mem-final HB:Lamed HB:Shin  HB:Heh HB:Taw HB:Aleph 
                              :HB:Mem-final HB:Lamed HB:Shin 

   Fra: P. constructed many other talismans besides this, a Flashing Tablet
of the Eagle Kerub of Jupiter for the purpose {197} of curing a certain
Lady I____, mother of Soror Q.F.D.F., of a serious illness.  Extraordinary
were its results.  For having carefully celebrated the ritual he instructed
Soror Q.F.D.R. to feed the talisman with incense, and water it with dew.
This she neglected to do, the result being that when she placed the
talisman on her sick mother, this venerable old lady was seized with a
violent series of fits, and nearly died.  Q.F.D.R., however, reconsecrated
the talisman, the result being that the Lady I____ speedily recovered the
whole of her former strength, and survived to the ripe old age of ninety-
   With a similar talisman, too hurriedly prepared, he cured the pain in
the leg of a certain friend of his; but forgetting to close the circle he
found himself afflicted, exactly twenty-four hours later, by a similar
pain,but in the opposite leg to the one in which his friend had suffered.
   On very much the same lines as the foregoing, P. invoked into manifest
appearance in the early autumn of 1899 the mighty but fallen spirit Buer,
to compel his obedience unto the restoring of the health of Frater I.A.;
and many other workings were also accomplished about this period.  More
important than any such dealings with the Paths is his progress in the
Middle Pillar.  In this connection we shall include Frater I.A.'s ritual
for "The Magical Invocation of the Higher Genius."