THE Lord hath filled my mouth with thanksgiving; the
Righteousness of the Lord hath made my throat his


The pavilion of the Lord is the roof of my mouth; the gate-
way of the Lord is of ivory.


My tongue is the handmaiden of the Lord; the Lord hath
delighted in the palace of porphyry.


My lips shall rejoice in the righteousness of the Lord; my
belly shall give thank, for the Lord filleth it with bene-


I am the vessel of the Lord; the Lord delighteth in me; the
Lord hath brought me to fulfilment.


Give praise unto the Lord, all ye that love the Lord; rejoice
in Him, ye sons and daughters of enlightenment.


Behold, the lord is exalted in righteousness; His upright-
ness filleth the earth with praise.


For the Lord filleth my mouth with silence; and the blessing
of the Lord is my satisfaction.


With secret song do I magnify the Lord; and His utterance
is Light.



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