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Liber 777
vel Prolegomena Symbolica Ad Systemam Sceptico-Mysticæ Viæ Explicandæ, Fundamentum Hieroglyphicum Sanctissimorum Scientiæ Summæ

Table V

CXXXVII. Signs of the Zodiac, CXXXVIII. Planets ruling Col CXXXVII, CXXXIX. Planets exalted in Col CXXXVII, CXL. Twelve Banners of the Name, CXLI. The Twelve Tribes

CXLII. Angels ruling Houses, CXLIII. Twelve Lesser Assistant Angels in the Signs, CXXXIX. Angel Lords of the Triplicity in the Signs by Day, CXL. Angel Lords of the Triplicity in the Signs by Night

CXLVI. Angels of the Decantes (Ascendant), CXLVII, Angels of the Decantes (Succedent), CXLVIII. Angels of the Decantes (Cadent)

CXLIX. Magical Images of the Decans (Ascendant), CL. Magical Images of te Decans (Succedent)

CLI. Magical Images of the Decans (Cadent), CLII. Perfumes (Ascendant), CLIII. Perfumes (Succedent), CLIV. Perfumes (Cadent)

CLV. Goetic Demons of Decans by Day (Ascendant), CLVI. Magical Images of Col. CLV

CLVII. Goetic Demos of Decans by Day (Succedent), CLVIII. Magical Images of Col. CLVII

CLIX. Goetic Demons of Decans by Day (Cadent), CLX. Magical Images of Col. CLIX

CLXI. Goetic Demons &c. by Night (Ascendant), CLXII. Magical Images of Col. CLXI

CLXIII. Goetic Demons &c. by Night (Succedent), CLXIV. Magical Images of COl. CLXIII

CLXV. Goetic Demons &c. by Night (Cadent), CLXVI. Magical Images of Col. CLXV

CLXVII. Egyptian Gods of Zodiac (Asc. Decans), CLXVIII. Egyptian Names of Asc. Decans, CLXIX. As Col. CXVII (Succedent), CLXX. As Col. CXVIII (Succendent), CLXXI. As Col. CXLVII (Cadent), CLXXII. As Col. CXLVIII (Cadent)

CLXXII. Genii of the Twelve Hours (Levi)

CLXXIV. The Mansions of the Moon. [Hindu, Nakshatra] Arab, Manazil


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Liber 777