A Magick Rosary

by Dionysos Thriambos

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Rosaries have been used for millennia by mantra-yogis of various religions. The one described here is modeled directly on the traditional usage of the Roman Church of the Pseudo-Christ, usage which has a history of five centuries to date. In addition to being a useful instrument for work with mantras, the regular employment of a rosary can transform the material talisman into a significant engine of magick.

Construction of the Rosary

Fifty small beads are strung in a loop in sets of ten, separated by four large beads and the lamen. From the lamen depends a large bead, then three small ones, then another large bead, and finally the pendant.

This is a five-decade design, which has the virtue of including 61 parts in all. The five decades are attributable to the elements of earth, water, air, fire and spirit. Other possibilities include:

Incantations With the Rosary

Typically a full set of incantations with the rosary will include a different formula to be recited for each of the four different bead elements. A quasi-traditional practice of incantation with the rosary begins with the pendant, progresses up the chain to the lamen, and then completes three circuits of the decades, reciting the appropriate formula at each part. On a five-decade rosary, that would amount to a single recital of the formula for the pendant, 14 repetitions of the "large" formula, 153 repetitions of the "small" formula, and 6 repetitions of the "lamen" formula. Typically, a single long invocation concludes the practice. This count gives the five decade rosary a total of 175 recitals. Note that 175 is a special number of Venus, whose glyph bears a close similarity to the rosary itself. (This esoteric symbolism is curiously consonant with the rosary's role in Roman Mariolatry.)

The following are a couple of "recipes" for rosary work. In addition to the incantations, it may be useful to focus the aspiration during the three circuits of the decades as follows:

Formul : Garden of the Gnosis

Formul : Smagdarine Enchantment

Formul : The Abomination of Desolation

A further application
of the rosary and its incantations is to use it for "ceremonial close reading" of sacred texts, where each bead (or each bead of a specified type) includes contemplation of a verse of scripture, sealed with incantation of the chosen formula.

Love is the law, love under will.

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