Artaudian Incantation

from the Theater of Cruelty (1947)

Magically restored, with the significance of the
Etymologically and Qabalistically determined
and paraphrased in English
by DionusoV SparagmoV, Cultist of Cunning Lingo

Apep now deifieth Ra ever anon.
(Yesterday even trembles; yesterday ever tumbles.)

o pedana Nuit, fortress of Bliss, whose heart and tongue are the Serpent!
na komev Serpent exalting the Wheel's whirling
tau dedana On the Universal Cross of the Serpent-lain Fool,
tau komev Cross exalting the whirling Rose.
na dedanu Serpent of the Slain Priest of the Goddess of the Stars!
na komev Serpent exalting the wheel's whirling
tau komev On the Cross exalting the Rose.
na come Serpent embrace nothing!
copsi tra With Star and Sun
ka figa aronda Doubly brilliant: the secret door admits the Sun's child.
ka lakeou Doubly formless benediction of
to cobbra The serpent father.
cobra ja Serpent father Lord!
ja futsa mata Lord of destruction and creation.

This incantation was written by Artaud for broadcast on radio as part of his final poetic synthesis of the Theater of Cruelty (not to be confused with the essay or book of the same name). It was composed of 'barbaric names' to objectify and de-utilize the language of the passage, which was devoted to the illustration of "the dance and consequently the theater [that] have not yet begun to exist."

I thus confess to countering the author's intention by giving "meaning" to his original text, which is especially suited to evocatory magicks of the 24th path. The dogged ritualist may now scent certain instructions in the incantation itself. "Where there is smoke..."

Owing to my subsequent initiation, I have introduced some slight changes to this piece since its original publication in The Scarlet Letter (Feast of Cattle, Anno IV ii).

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