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Tau vel Kabbalae Trium Literarum sub figura CD

Publication in Class A.

The Text

The whole is bordered by an elongated Tau (ת), along with two lotus-crowned wands, one above and one below. The right of the text is not bordered.

The Columns

  1. א ב ג ד ה ו ז
  2. ח ט י כ ל מ נ
  3. ס ע פ צ ק ר ש

The Rows

  1. סחא The Magister Templi, the Adeptus, the Neophyte [8=3, 5=6, 0=0]
  2. עטב The Ultimate Illusion, the Illusion of Force, the Illusion of Matter.
  3. פיג The Functions of the 3 Orders: Silence in Speech; Silence; Speech in Silence: Construction, Preservation, Destruction.
  4. צכד The Supreme Unveiling (or Unveiling of Light), the Unveiling of Life, the Unveiling of Love.
  5. קלח Equilibrium; on the Cubic Stone, on the Path, and among the Shells.
  6. רמו The Rituals of Initiation, 8=3, 5=6, 0=0: Asar, as Bull, as Man, as Sun.
  7. שנז The Ordeals of Initiation, 8=3, 5=6, 0=0: Birth, Death, Resurrection."

Crowley Commentary

This analysis may be checked by adding the columns vertically, 69, 81, 93, 114, 135, 246, 357. Dividing by 3 we get 23, 27, 31, 38, 45, 82, 119, which in the Sepher Sephiroth mean respectively Life, Purity, Negation, "38 x 11= 418," Innocent, Formation, Prayer, Weeping. The analogies are obvious.

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