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Sacred River explores spirituality grounded in religious naturalism & progressive ethics that is both non-theistic and non-supernatural.

Something that I like to do when I have a few moments to spare is to design OTO temples. I have about three that I've drawn up over the years, and I just finished one that I actually like (my wife had a hand in it as well). Here is a small version; click on it to open up a really big version:

For frame of reference, the temple is 31 feet in diameter, with a regulation altar. It is also 31 feet high with a dome, which has outward facing windows around the rim and the upper surface is painted as the night sky at dusk (perhaps with small lights as the stars). The floor is sunken so that the dais can be pushed into a containing space under the floor, which can leave the room empty for other non-EGC events.

The Meditation room is sound proof, which can be convenient in many different situations.

The storage room has two levels, arrived at by a staircase.

The hallways all have skylights, so there is plenty of light available. The main hallway has several doors to close them off, so that certain events will not have access to them. For example, for totally public classes, everything can be closed off except the lobby, classroom, and bathrooms. Also, try to imagine a lot of artwork on the hallway walls...perhaps good for gallery showings as well.

The Hall can be used for theatre, dining, or for large meetings (eg. an EC meeting). The 4-foot stage is hollow, so that tables and chairs can be loaded onto rolling platforms and stored. Also, the stage is set up with a movie screen, so that movie nights will really rock! The deck leads out to a garden and a small labyrinth (perhaps tended by the Sunday School class?). Ideally there would also be an external work building for constructing furniture, sets, etc. (hey, I said this was a fantasy temple).

A lot of the furniture shown is mainly for illustration purposes, to show how the room might be used. The Narthex should be very comfortable and yet practical, and someone more talented than I should do the interior decorating.

I would love to have people's feedback on this design. I know something like this is way out in the future, but it's fun to plan...