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Center for Enochian Studies, Volume I, Appendix ii.

  After supper1, returning to our business; I first doubted of the heads of the Letters in the border, to be written, which way they ought to be turned, to the Centerward of the Table2, or from the Centerward.

i IL3: The heads of the letters must be next or toward the center of the Square Table or Figure.
Divide that within, by 12 and 7.4

Dee - I divided it.

IL5: Grace, mercy and peace be unto the Lively branches of his flourishing kingdom. And strong art thou in thy glory, which dost unknit the secret parts of thy Lively Workmanship; and that, before the weak understanding of man.
Herein is thy power and Magnificence opened unto man. And why? Because thy divinity and secret power is here shut up in

      Numero Ternario et Quaternario: adquiro6 principium et
          fundamentum omne huius est tui sanctissimi operis.
        I count the Third and Fourth; from which I obtain this,
        the first and fundamental of all your most holy works.7

For, if thou (O God) be wonderful and incomprehensible in thine own substance, it must needs follow, that thy works are likewise incomprehensible8. But Lo, they shall now believe, because they see, which heretofore could scarcely believe. Strong is the Influence of thy Super celestial power,9 and mighty is the force of that army,10 which overcometh all things. Let all power therefore rest in thee:


  Dee 12 - The Spiritual Creature seemed to eat fire, like balls of fire; having his face towards me, and his back towards Edward Kelly.13


IL:14 Leave out the Bees15 of the 7 names of the Seven Kings, and 7 Princes: and place them in a table divided by 12 and 7 : the 7 Spaces being Uppermost: and therein Write, in the Upper Line, the Letters of the King, with the Letters of his Prince following next after his name: and so of the six other, and their Princes: And read them on the right hand from the Upper Part to the Lowest, and thou shalt find; then, the Composition of this Table.16

Therein they are all Comprehended, Saving Certain Letters,
Which are not to be put in17 here:18 By reason that the Kings and Princes do spring from God; and not God from the Kings and Princes. Which excellency is comprehended, and is also manifest, in that Third and Fourth member.19
Round about the sides [of this Square] is every Letter of the 14 names, of the seven Kings and Princes.
Hereafter shall you perceive that the Glory of this Table surmounteth the glory of the Sun.
All things else appertaining unto it, are already prescribed by your former instruction.20

I have no more to say, but God transpose your minds,21 according to his Own Will22 and pleasure.
You talked of Transposition.
Tomorrow I will be with you again. But Call not for me, Least you incur the danger of the former Curse.23


Plate I.


  l o n e g a n o g i l a
  o g o n r o l e g o b o
  s e f a f e l e l a b a
  o n o m t u r o p e n y
  n o d s i l l o p s a n
forte'    'firm sp'
  s e g r o r n e p y a n
SP        transl.
    s p
  s e g l a r a z a m u l


The Marginalia of Doctor John Dee:

i. Note of the square within.
Ternarius et Quaternarius.
'of the Trinity and the Quadripartite.' transl.
iii. (12 & 7)
iv. Note of these Kings and Princes.24
v. The dignity of the Table of Practice.
vi. He alludeth to our Talk had of Transposition of Letters.25
vii. Note danger of violating precepts of Doctrine.



Plate II.


  Enochian L Enochian O Enochian N Enochian E Enochian G Enochian A Enochian N Enochian O Enochian G Enochian J Enochian L Enochian A
  Enochian O Enochian G Enochian O Enochian N Enochian R Enochian O Enochian L Enochian E Enochian G Enochian O Enochian B Enochian O
  Enochian S Enochian E Enochian F Enochian A Enochian F Enochian E Enochian L Enochian E Enochian L Enochian A Enochian B Enochian A
  Enochian O Enochian N Enochian O Enochian M Enochian T Enochian U Enochian R Enochian O Enochian P Enochian E Enochian N Enochian J
  Enochian N Enochian O Enochian D Enochian S Enochian J Enochian L Enochian L Enochian O Enochian P Enochian S Enochian A Enochian N
     Enochian S Enochian P
  Enochian S Enochian E Enochian G Enochian R Enochian O Enochian R Enochian N Enochian E Enochian P Enochian J Enochian A Enochian N
firm for
    Enochian S Enochian P  
     Enochian P Enochian J
  Enochian S Enochian E Enochian G Enochian L Enochian A Enochian R Enochian A Enochian Z Enochian A Enochian M Enochian U Enochian L



Enochian LEnochian OEnochian NEnochian EEnochian GEnochian AEnochian B Enochian NEnochian OEnochian GEnochian JEnochian LEnochian AEnochian B Baligon Bagenol
Enochian OEnochian GEnochian OEnochian NEnochian REnochian OEnochian B Enochian LEnochian EEnochian GEnochian OEnochian BEnochian OEnochian B Bobogel Bornogo
Enochian SEnochian EEnochian FEnochian AEnochian FEnochian EEnochian B Enochian LEnochian EEnochian LEnochian AEnochian BEnochian AEnochian B Babalel Befafes
Enochian OEnochian NEnochian OEnochian MEnochian TEnochian UEnochian B Enochian REnochian OEnochian PEnochian EEnochian NEnochian JEnochian B Bynepor Butmono
Enochian NEnochian OEnochian DEnochian SEnochian JEnochian LEnochian B Enochian LEnochian OEnochian PEnochian SEnochian AEnochian NEnochian B Bnapsol Blisdon
Enochian SEnochian EEnochian GEnochian LEnochian AEnochian REnochian B Enochian AEnochian ZEnochian AEnochian MEnochian UEnochian LEnochian B Blumaza Bralges



1.     Sunday April 28th 1583. 'CES I.i.,' Thelema Lodge (Berkeley CA: Feb. 1989)

2.     Ibidem, Aug.88. Feb.89. This article is the second in a series extracted from

SL.3188 libri Qvinti Appendice explaining the details of the Tabvla Sancta.
3.     Dee's notation to IL as given in the Mystical Heptarchy (vide notat. 5. infra):
i. IL the first of the 7 Sons of Sons of light.
ii. IL, the living and semper ('always' transl.) adherent to King Baligon,
    and his name is expressed in his character: vide Nov. 21 Anno 1582.
iii. IL or E-L (a ligated E+L).
4.     This statement can only be clearly comprehended by understanding the relationship
between the mysteries of both the Magikal Square here concluding and the central
arrangement of the Tabula Sancta (ibid. notat. 3). These kabbalistic formulae are
expressed in the 1st place whereby the four primary elements are by a units
increase formed of, the prima materia of the alchemists, the fundamental trinity
(1+3=4). Therewith by the additive operation of arithmetic (3+4) is derived the
sum 7, which is the key to the arrangements of the planets as known to the ancients.
Further, from the multiplicative property of mathematics (3x4) cometh the sum 12,
by which the constellations of the Zodiac are noted. This is elucidated, and should
be studied in Dr. John Dee's Monas Heiroglyphica (op.cit. Thelema Lodge, Mar.89.)
in particular aphorisms VIII & XVIII.
5.     Here begins a passage extracted by Dee for inclusion in his De Heptarchia Mystica:
Collectanarum Lib. primvs, the Grimoire he himself composed from the bulk of
Angelic Conferences recorded in Mysteriorvm Libri Qvinti.
         The interested student is strongly recommended to read this document, as it concerns
specifics of this Holy Table, the Lamen, and the peculiarities of the various Angelic
personages variously discussed; without which understanding comprehension of the
seemingly, at times, contradictory aspects of this system will prove impossible.
         Vide: G. James, The Enochian Evocation Of Dr John Dee (Heptangle, Gillete NJ:1984)
pp.33-34, and R. Turner, The Heptarchia Mystica of John Dee (Aquarian Wellingborough,
Northamptonshire Eng.:1986) pp.44-45.
6.     SL.MS.3188 gives L.abbr.: " '  o "
                                               a. q
SL.MS.3677 i.e. Ashmole renders this 'ac quo'.
7.     This passage poses difficult ambiguities of Latin and has been variously translated:
         Turner (transl. "...the number three and four, from which is beginning and all the
foundation of this, your most holy work."
         James "...the third and fourth number; from the first and fundamental is of all your
holy works."
8.     Almost but not quite. The editors.
9.     'super celestial' L.cognate svpercoelestial, lit.: above, or beyond the heavens, or skies.
Vide Dee, Propaedeumata Aphoristica (op.cit. Thelema Lodge Feb.89. notat 10.),
of which the modern interpretation would be astrophysical cosmogenesis.
10.     SL.3188 'arme' arch. Eng. for army (vide OED); here probab. as in 'the armies of
the Lord' an aspect of Jehovah Zebaoth. Erroneously rendered though cognate
with 'arm'(cf.OED).
11.     This ends the first passage herein cited in the Heptarchia Mystica.
12.     This paragraph of description is lacking in Dee's Heptarchia.
13.     'E.K.' SL.3188.
14.     Here begins the second passage cited in The Heptarchia.
15.     Preferred rendering given in the OED for the pl. of the letter B.
16.     Vide Plate II. where these names are set out in comparison directionally, and in
the Adamical Alphabet.
17.     'put in' herein underlined in archaic hyphenation style, for which see prepositional
usage OED.
18.     I.e. the 'Bees'
19.     Dee corrects 'member' to 'number' in his Heptarchia Mystica.
20.     Op.cit. Thelema Lodge Feb.89.
21.     For an interesting literary exposition of this rather occult conception see
H.P.Lovecraft's The Thing on the Doorstep, 'The Best of H.P.Lovecraft', (Del Rey
N.Y. NY:1982). This entirety of this story covers this subject in some depth, but
Chapter IV. paragraph 21. bears, in an arcanely peculiar manner, on note vide post.
22.     Vide Pater Noster Matt. VI:9-13 = Gk.
23.     Probably in reference to 'Lundrumguffa' (op.cit. Thelema Lodge Aug. & Sept. 89.)
24.     Reading from right to left and top to bottom cf. Plates I. & II.
25.     It is interesting to note here that by the use of the stone attributed to King Baligon
(op.cit. notat 3.), optically applied to the Magick Squares herein referred to, this
perplexing issue of transposition becomes somewhat more crystal clear.