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Center for Enochian Studies, Volume I, Appendix iii.

"Aprilis 29." Monday; "a meridie".1


Dee - As Edward Kelly2 and I were talking of my book Soyga;3 or
i         Aldaraia: and I at length said that, (as far as I did remember)
ii        Zadzaczadlin, was Adam by the Alphabet thereof, suddenly appeared
the spiritual creature, which said yesterday that he would come
again, this day, uncalled: and at his first coming he said: Then,

a' primo.



Dee:                                  Qui primus est et novissimus,
                                  Alpha et Omega, misereatur nostri.
                                         Who is the first and the last,
                            The Alpha and the Omega, Our commiserator.
Il: Amen. Glory be to thee, Which art one, and comprehending all.
Marvelous is thy wisdom, in those, of whom, thou wilt be
        A short prayer, but appliable to my purpose.
        Every praise with us is a prayer.

iii      Dee - He taketh off his pied coat,4 and threw it upon the corner

of my desk, and then he seemed clothed in an ancient doctorly
apparel: and on his head he had a wreath of white silk of three


Il: Well, I will give you my Lesson, and so bid you farewell.
        First, I am to persuade you to put away wavering minds.
        Secondly, for your instruction in those necessary occasions,
thus it is:
iv               The Outside or Skin must be the Center.
        There is one foundation.
        The Flesh must be the Outside.
        The Center itself must be dissevered into 4 equal parts.
      There is your Lesson.
Dee: We understand not this dark Lesson.
Il: The heart must be the fourth part of the body; and yet the
body perfect and sound. The Skin must occupy the place of the
heart and yet without deformity.
        God is the beginning of all things: The farthest part of all
things, is in the hands of God.
v                The like shall be found amongst the number of his One most
holy name.
        The Earth is a foundation to every thing: and differeth but
only in form. In the form of his own application whereunto it is
        God is the beginning of all things, but not after one sort,
nor to everyone alike.
        But it is three manner of Works, with his name.
vi                 The One in respect of his Dignification:
          The Second in respect of Conciliation:
          The Third, in respect of an end and determined Operation.
        Now Sir, to what end, would you wear your Character?


Dee: At our two first dealings together,5 it was answered, by a
Spiritual Creature (Whom we took to be Uriel.)


vii   Plate I.  
  Sigillum hoc in auro sculpendum, ad defensionem corporis omni loco, tempore et occasione, et in pectus gestandum.

This Seal is to be carved in gold. as a defense for the body in all places, times & circumstances, and is to be worn on the breast.


Il: But how do I teach?
        The Character is an Instrument, applicable only to
viii             But there is no Dignification (here) but that which doth
proceed, and hath his perfect Composition, Centrally in the square
Number of 3 and 4.
        The Center Whereof shall be equal to the greatest.


Dee: We understand not.


Il: Hereby you may gather, not only, to what end, the blessed
ix       Character (wherewith thou shalt be dignified) is prepared, but also
the nature of all other Characters. To the second ----
Dee: Conciliation you mean.
x         Il: The Table is an Instrument of Conciliation.
        And so are the other 7 Characters: which you call by the name
of Tables, squared out into the form of Armies: which are
xi       proper to every King and Prince according to their order:
        Now to the last:


Dee: As concerning the end and determined Operation.


Il: It only consisteth in the mercy of God, and the Character of
xii      these books.
        For Behold, As there is nothing that cometh or springeth from
God, but it is as God, and hath Secret Majestical; and inexplicable
xiii    Operation in it: So every Letter here bringeth forth the Names of
God: But (indeed), they are but One Name: But according to the
Local and former being, to (do) comprehend the universal
xiv     generation, corruptible and incorruptible of every thing.6 It
followeth then, it must needs comprehend the end of all things.
xv              This much hitherto. The Character is false and devilish. He
that dwelleth in thee, hath told thee so, Long ago. The former
Devil, did not only insinuate himself, but these things.


Dee: I do marvel, that we had no warning hereof, ere now; and
that I was often times called on, to prepare those things
(Characters and Tables) and yet they were false.

xvi     Il: If it should have been gone about to be made, it should not

have been suffered to pass under the form of Wickedness.
        The Truth is to be gathered upon the first Demonstration.
xvii            (my Demonstration and* yours are not all one: you will not be
offended with me; Sir.)
        I gave thee a certain principle, Which in itself is a
sufficient demonstration: I told thee the placing of the Centre,
the form of it, with a lineal placing and ordering of that
xviii   which thou lookest* for.
Dee: But truly I understand not.
Il: I teach.
Take clean Paper. It must be made 4 Inches square:


Dee - We prayed.


Il: These Letters, which I shall speak now, thou shalt afterword,
xix      put them in their proper Characters.
        Write: Never since the beginning of the World, was this
Secret delivered; nor this holy mystery set open, before the
Weaklings of this World.
        Write in the uppermost prick O, and b on the right hand, and g
on the left, etc.
        The two extreme pricks; one on the right hand, a and the other
on the left o etc.
        There is the whole.


Dee - We prayed (unbidden) in respect of the mystery revealed.
Edward Kelly was scarce able to abide or endure the Voice of the
Spiritual Creature, when he spake of these things now: the sound
was so forcible to his head; that it made it ache vehemently.


                             Plate II.



                             Plate II. bis




Il: Set down the Kings, and their Princes, in a Table (as thou
Knowest them; with their Letters backward: excepting their Bees,
from the right hand to the left. Let Bobogel be first, Bornogo is
his Prince.



Plate III.


o g o n r o l e g o b o
s e f a f e l e l a b a
o n o m t u r o p e n y
n o d s i l l o p s a n
s e g r o r n e s p a n
s e g l a r a z a m u l
l o n e g a n o g i l a


Dee - Note here the 3 diverse manners how the Letters are composed.
        The middle is called the
1. Heart or Center; those also enclosing the heart, are
2. called the flesh. And two outside pillars (of two in a row) is counted
3. the Skin.



Plate III. bis



Il: Here is the Skin turned into the Centre; and the Centre turned
into 4 parts of the Body.


Dee: I see now also, how the flesh, is become the outside:
        o g e l o r n o


Il: I have done till Son.


Dee: Deo nostro Omnipotenti perennis laus sit et immensa gloria.




      To our Almighty God be the everlasting praise and immense glory.




The Marginalia of Dee
with the Angelic language transliterated into the Adamical alphabet


ii.   ADAM =
iii.   Apparel changed.
iv.   An Enigmatical Lesson.7
v.   Note.
vi.   Three manner of works with God his Name.
vii.   vide Inscriptiones suo loco anno 1592. Marty die 10.
See the writing joined to this place for the day of
March 10, 1582.
viii.   Note here of the 7 Tables of Creation, how they appertain
to the 7 Kings and Princes.8
ix.   The Nature of all Characters.
x.   Instrument of Conciliation.
xi.   NOTE order.
xii.   This Book of 48 Tables.9
xiii.   Note of the Names of God.
xiv.   Generation -| Corruptible
xv.   The Character also was a false tradition.
xvi.   Note.
xvii.   * "Lepide', Mathematicas meas demonstrationes denotat."
Agreement! As my Mathematical demonstration notes.
xviii.   *he meaneth my proper Character truly made.
xiv.   Note, These to Be put in proper Characters.

1.     Monday morning April 29th 1583.

2.     Dee abbreviates "E.K."

3.     Book Soyga or Aldaraia: For a more detailed discussion of

this Mysterious text see our notes vide 'Thelema Lodge', July
1988ev footnotes 6 & 7 and the text.
4.     "Pied Coat" of mixed colours, sometimes patches as in the 'Pied Piper'.
5.     op.cit. Thelema Lodge 7/89ev.
6.     "But according to the Local and former being" would seem to be a
direct reference to pre-christian Pagan god forms "to comprehend
the Universal Generation, corruptible and incorruptible of
everything" would support the essentially sexual and generative
nature of nearly all pre-christian theology; compare Aleister
Crowley De Natvra Deorvm (Book 28) caps. I.-IV. where this
mystery is set forth in a rather straightforward manner.
7.     The enigma of this lesson is related to two similar tables and
their interrelation to one another; these being the Holy Table
(vide 'Thelema Lodge' Aug. & Sept. 1988ev) and the Lamen
(discussed herein).
    By placing a crystal ball as instructed on the previously
mentioned Table of Practice the exact conditions described here
in are met; i.e. "The outside or skin" is "the Center", and "the
center itself" is "dissevered in to 4 equal parts". Only visual
experiment on the part of the reader can possibly demonstrate
this fully, and those interested are recommended to use Casaubons
A True and Faithful Relation, as it affords a size suitable for
such tests.
    As there are a number of further mysteries herein given that
this simple optical demonstration will resolve; including the
erroneously set forth dilemmas of R. Turner, and details
regarding the construction of the Lamen, both herein and still to
be set forth in subsequent 'Actions', we shall now conclude this
rather lengthy note.
8.     "The Seven Tables of Creation" are discussed in Dee's Liber
Mysteriorum Tertius and may be seen in previously mentioned
representation of the Holy Table in Casaubon.
    "The Seven Kings & Princes" are taken from 'Liber Mysteriorum
Tertius' and discussed at depth in our previously cited De
Heptarchia Mystica.
9.     The Book of 49 Tables is commonly referred to as Liber
Logaeth; it is a singularly peculiar book, and directly follows
these Five Books of Mystery in sequence and preceding those texts
presented in 'A True and Faithful Relation'.