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The Center for Enochian Studies, Appendix v.

    1583. Aprilis 29. Monday, after supper: hora 8a.1
i.   Dee - I went into my Oratory2, and made a fervent prayer
  against the Spiritual enemy: specially meaning the wicked one who
had so suddenly, so subtilty, and so lively counterfeited the hand
and letters of Edward Kelly3 as is here before declared4; and by
the thing itself may appear here. Likewise Edward Kelly on his
ii. knees (at the green chair standing before the chimney) did pray:
after which prayers ended; 5 yea, rather, before they were ended,
on my behalf, Edward Kelly espied a spiritual creature; come to my
Table: Whom he took to be IL6., and so, aloud, said. "He is
here." and thereupon I came to my desk, to Write as occasion
should serve:7 And before I began to do anything I rehearsed part
of my intent, uttered to god by prayer, and half turned my speech
to God himself, as the cause did seem to require. Thereupon that
Spiritual Creature. Who as yet had said nothing, suddenly used
these words: _____ "I give place to my better."
i.   Edward Kelly: There seemeth to me Uriel8 to be come, and IL to
  be gone away.
  Dee -
    Then began that new come Creature to say thus:
    Most abundant and plentiful are the great mercies of God
    unto them which truly and unfeignedly fear, honor and be-
    lieve him. The Lord hath heard thy prayers and, I am
iii.   URIEL, and I have brought the peace of God,
    Which shall from henceforth visit you.
    If I had not made this action perfect (saith the Lord) and
  wrought some perfection in you, to the end you might perform; yea,
if I had not had mercies (saith the Lord) over the infinite number
iv. and multitude of Souls, which are yet to put on the vileness and
corruption of the flesh.
Or if it were not time to look down, and
behold the sorrow of my Temple. Yet would I, for my promise sake,
and the establishing of my kingdom, Verify my mercies upon the sons
v. of men. Whereunto I have Chosen three of you, as the mouths and
Instruments of my determined purpose9. Therefore (sayeth the
vi. Lord), Be of stout and courageous mind in me, for me, and for my
truth sake. And Fear not the assaults of temptation, For I have
said: "I am with you." But as mercy is necessary for those that
vii. repent, and faithfully forget their offenses. So is Temptation
requisite and must ordinarily follow those, whom it pleaseth him to
illuminate with the beams of triumphant Sanctification. If
Temptations were not, how should the Sons of men (sayeth the Lord)
know me to be merciful? But I am honored in hell, and worshipped
with the blasphemers:

Pugna erit, vobis autem victoria

    Even the victory was thine, of the Battle which was.
Yet, albeit, (thus sayeth my message) I will defend you from
  the cruelty of these days to come and will make you perfect:
viii. that perfectly you may begin in the works of my perfection: But
What? and dost thou (Satan)10 think to triumph? Behold (sayeth
the God of Justice) I will banish thy servants from this place and
region, and will set stumbling blocks before the feet of thy
ministers. Therefore, be it unto thee, as thou hast deserved. And
be it to this people, and holy place, (as it is, the Will of God;
ix. Which I do pronounce) light without darkness. Truth without
hood, righteousness without the works of wickedness. I have
pronounced it, and it is done.
x.   But thou, o youngling* (but old sinner), Why dost thou suffer
  thy blindness thus to increase; or why dost thou not yield thy
Limbs11 to the service and fulfilling of an eternal verity? Pluck
up thy heart. Let it not be hardened. Follow the way that leadeth
to the knowledge of the end; the open sight of god his word
Verified, for his kingdoms sake.
    You began in Tables12, and that of small account. But be
  faithful; for you shall be written within Tables of perfect and
everlasting remembrance. Considering the truth; Which is the
message of him Which is the fountain and Life of the true, perfect,
and most glorious life to come: Follow, Love, and diligently
Contemplate the mysteries there
    He that hath done this evil, hath not only sinned against
  thee, but against God, and against his truth. Judgment is not of
me, and therefore I can not pronounce it: But What his Judgment
is, he knoweth in himself. His name is

Enochian LEnochian EEnochian GEnochian AEnochian MEnochian LEnochian EEnochian B    

xii. and he is the firebrand14, which hath followed thy soul from the
: yea seeking his destruction, who can better
counterfeit, than he, that in thy wickedness is chief Lord and
Master15 of thy Spirits; or who hath been acquainted with the
secrets of man's fingers, so much as he that hath been a director?
xiii. My sayings are no accusation, neither is it my property to be
defiled with such profession
16. But I counsel you generally; and
advertise you through the grace, and by the spirit of unspeakable
xiv.   This night, if your prayers had not been; yea if they had not
  pierced into the seat of him which sitteth above: Thou, yea (I
say) thou hadst been carried, and taken away, this night, into a
wilderness, so far distant hence Northward17, that thy destruction
had followed.
    Therefore Lay away thy Works of youth; and fly from fleshly
  Vanities, if not upon Joy and pleasure of this presence, yet for
the glory of him that hath chosen you.
  I say, be strong. Be Humble with Obedience:
xv. For All the things, that have been spoken of,
  shall come to pass. And there shall not a
  letter of the book of this prophesy perish.
    Finally, God hath blessed you: and will keep you from
temptation,Dee and will be merciful unto you, and perfect you; for
the dignity of your profession* sake.
    Which, World Without end, forever and ever; With us and all
xviii. creatures, and in the light of his own countenance, be honored.

Amen Amen Amen.

Dee - Hereupon I made most humble prayer with hearty thanks to
our God, for his help, comfort, and judgment against our enemy, in
this case (so greatly concerning his glory). And at my standing
up, I understood that Uriel was out of sight to Edward Kelly Yet I
held on my purpose to thank him, and to praise god for Uriel that
his so faithful. ministry unto his divine Majesty, executed to
our needful comfort in so vehement a temptation.

Deo nostro Omnipotenti,
sit omnis Laus, honor, et gratiarum actio, nunc et in perpetuum.

Our God, All Powerful, to whom I render all praise, honor,
and thanksgiving, now and forever more.


Dee's Marginalia:


  Dee - prayed
Edward Kelly prayed
III.   Vriel
IV.   Note Souls created before the bodies are begotten.
V.   Three elected.
VI.   Fortitudo in deo es propter Deum.
Strength in god is because of God.
VII.   Temptation necessary.
VIII.   Perfect beginning.
IX.   Sententia contra istudum Malignum Sapientum qui nobis
inpenere vobuit.

It is this sentence against Evil Wisdom which is the means
wherewith our burden is to be uplifted.
X.   He spake to Edward Kelly.
XI.   Angelus malus proprius pius.
The proper piety of evil angels.
XII.   Edward Kelly:
XIII.   Dee
Devils are accusers properly.
XIV.   Edward had been carried in the wrath of God, if fervent
prayers had not been; as may appear in the beginning of this
Mighty Action.
XV.   The book of this Prophecy shall continue.
XVI.   Dee [Aleph] a malo temptiones.
Dee - Aleph: an evil temptation.
XVII.   * Proffesio mea est Philosophia vera.
   I Profess that mine is true Philosophy.
XVIII.   Vide Libro Primo
See Book One (wherein these professions are located [de
declinatas locativium



Enochian L Enochian I Enochian E Enochian R Enochian U
Enochian E Enochian U Enochian L Enochian I Enochian R
Enochian I Enochian L Enochian I Enochian L Enochian I
Enochian R Enochian I Enochian L Enochian U Enochian E
Enochian U Enochian R Enochian I Enochian E Enochian L

1.     8 o'clock in the morning, on Monday the 29th day of April, in the year of

the Lord MDLXXXIII. This Action takes place three days after Dee
delivered the manuscript of his book AN ADVISE & DISCOURSE ABOUT
Majesties commandment and the Lords of the Privy Cousaile - anno - 1582.
[prob. ref. to textual composition date?]
Op. Cit. Center for Enochian Studies, THELEMA Lodge O.T.O. (Berkeley
CA:July 1989ev.) fn.#6. & Iohn Dee, A LETTER Containing A MOST BRIEF
A Fervent PROTESTATION, for the Lawfull, Sincere, Very Faithfull And
CHRISTIAN Course, Of The PHILOSOPHICAL Studies And Exercises, Of A
Certain Studious GENTLEMAN: AN Ancient SERVAUNT To Her Most Excellent
MAJESTY ROYALL. (Peter Short: London 1599.) item #46.

2.     Compare this to Dee and Kelly's first Action together for some startling
similarities regarding both conditions and procedures.

3.     Dee abbr. this "E.K." throughout.

4.     Cf. op.cit. THELEMA Lodge O.T.O.

5.     Lacuna: poss. stricken 'O', or prob. '[illegible vowel]. .s'.

6.     IL a spirit identified with the 49th square [file VII. rank 7] location (lower left corner): 21
on the "The Table Of The Seven Names Of God That Not Even The Angels Know";       8
This is synonymous with the ligature E + L vide "+++EL++++" located within the
primary (topmost) side of the innermost heptagon on the Sigillvm Dei AEmeth:
"A Son of a Son Of Light."

7.     Lacuna : ". . : or require" stricken by Dee.

8.     Note the tablet preceding these footnotes, vide THE SACRED MAGIC OF
ABRAMELIN THE MAGE, transl. S.L.M. Mathers, facs. De Laurence (Chicago IL:
1948) pp.268 & 123-159. The wise may by their ingenium discover in these
pages the most sublime mystery that, A. Crowley puts forth in his Confessions,
is herein concealed. Once unveiled the mage is able to locate and exploit the
control vector connecting the so called `evil' daemonic with the 'good' angelic
systems; and resolve the paradoxical mystery concerning why legend has it that
the Demons built Solomon's Temple, and that the Angelic Hosts have from Sodom
to the Apocalypse been associated with one continuous chain of the most gruesomely
destructive acts of violence that the mind of man has ever conceived.
        Enochian scholars will note the marked similarity to the formulas Set forth in the
Key Of The AEthyrs, and the central twelvefold tablet on the Tabula Sancta.

9.     Including Albert Laski?

10.   Dee has the more accurate SATHAN: from
Shin-Taw-Nun = 750 / 1400

11.   arch. Eng. 'Lymmes'.

12.   Tables of 'Magikal Squares' form the principle topographical models wherewith
Dr. Dee's Angelic System is able to attach the multidimensional coordinates to
Metaphysical paradigms.

13.   Belmagel: BEL + MAGe + eL = The Angel of the Magick of the God of Heaven &
Earth. Literally in the modern American dialect of The English Language cf.

14.   The actual grammar; including the syllogisms derived from the use of its theorems
are, in fact, upon close critical analysis, somewhat less than ambiguous and will
yield, even through limited Socratic dialectic to the complicity of the spirits
involved. Either Belmagel (and prob. Lundrumguffa* before him) are agents of
Uriel (Chaldee > Heb. Angel of Light) masquerading as daemons to act as god's
accuser and enforcer, Or Lucifer (IndoAryan > Latin: The Agency of Lumination)
and his fallen Angels are posing as Angels to instigate their coming insurrection
against the forces of Yahweh.
* L uN DRUM GUFFA = The poundings of the laughter of the one God?

15.   'Lord and Master' are synonymous with BEL and MAGE both respectively and
collectively, likewise EL with 'director'.

16.   Manipulation: possibly a token of the Masons(deriv. P.I.E. Magh- > Mage, magick,
magnitude etc.) who built the Temple of Sol Om On (cf. Pike & M.P. Hall et al)
these grips and signals used by secret orders of Alchemists etc. were used for
recognition and admission to their self tyled Synagogues of Satan. "Pugnam
Super Pugnam."

17.   Northward, i.e. the direction attributed to Earth in both its elemental and primary
planetary aspect. Earth rules both URIEL & BEL.