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The Cipher Manuscript

1.1 = 10 Addmission cont.
2. H. Kllippoth below. Souls above
3. Neo. enters path of evil
4. Hier. Stops Neo. who claims by Adoni in Hebrew
5. " . as Samael speaks as darkness
6. Neo. Evil. Neo. retires
7. Neo. advances to Heg. 8. Heg. stops Neo. as Mettatron stops Neo.
9.because too bright
10. Neo. retiresZelator grade sign
11. Neo goes up middle
12. H. as Sandalphon with sign of 1=10
13.checks Hi. and Heg.
14. H. I am reconciler. I am left Kerub
15. as Heg. is right Kerub and male
16. H. Genesis 2:24
17. H. step left then right beyond it
18.sign as 1=10
19. grasp lands thumbs make triangle over
20.Adoni Melekch. Pass = Nun Heh
21. H. gives sash ---->

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