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The Cipher Manuscript

1.2 = 9
2. Z. Reatmitted with Hg. by III III III
3. H. gives summary of earlier grades
4.This shows Sanctum Sanctorum & Ark & Kerubim
5. Z. put in West
6. Z. presents caduses badge
7. Hs. explains it by a picture
8. H. shows altar with Tree of Life
9.serpentine figure & letters
10.on the Paths.
11.2=9 = Yesod = the Path of tav
12.sign = altar Thoricus grade sign word = Shaddai El Chai
13.and past gimelhehtethPath explained
14.badge 2=9 sash
15.the right portal goes to 4=7
16.the left path goes to 3=8
17.the central goes to higher

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