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The Cipher Manuscript

1. Knowledge necessary to pass from
2.Practicus to Philosophis
3. aleph Forming planets signs from crescent, circle & cross
5. red alchemic"
7. Saturn = saturnJupiter = Jupiter
8.notice red becomes green
9. beth Theory of alchemy is purge matter
10.& exalt it
11. Alc. Language may be religious
12.or philosophic
13.or natural = sun
14. daleth Oialah gives origin of al
15. heh Explain drawing a figure
16. vav How to judge it
17. zayin Explain accidental dignity
18. cheth"Hylech. Anarita
19. teth"32 paths on a picture
20. yod Paths of the soul
21.caph = Yechidah
22.cheth = Chiah
23.beth = Neschamah
24.tav & five others = Ruach
25.mem = Nephesch

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