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The Cipher Manuscript

1. caph Orders 8 angels of the 10 sephiroth
2.caph Cheioth H Qodsh
3.cheth Auphaeim
4.beth Aralim
5.cheth Chashmalim
6.gimel Seraphim
7.tav Melechim
8.nun Elohim
9.heh Beni Elohim
10.yod Kerubim
11.mem Ishim
12. lamed Sepcial numbers & magic squares
13.of the planets
14.3 = Saturn 4 = Jupiter 5 = Mars
15.6 = Sol 7 = Venus 8 = Mercury 9= Luna
16. mem Names of Olympic planet and spirits
17. nun.gif Mercury on the Tree of Life
18. samekh 19. ayin Planet symbols united in planets in Mercury
20. peh Cup of Stol. On Tree of lifecup of Stol. on Tree

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