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The Cipher Manuscript

1. H explains the calvary cross of 12 squares = zodiac
2.Embracing Nu & also river of Eden
3.which divided into 4 parts
4.Path 29 = qoph is the Corporeal Intelligence
5.& refers to Pisces, by it the waters of
6.Dsh flow down
7. H. Points West, on altar the 18 key of the
8. tarot key 18
9.Note Pisces = two lunas lunaluna
10.Cray fish - Cancer. Scarab =
12. H. then shows Nohushtan Nohushtan
13.The Mosaic serpent
15.Type of Christ
16.Brass = Venus = Venus = Nogah
17. Hs. Shows qaballah of 9 chambers qabalah of 9 chambers
18.in 2 forms & the tree of life in the
20. Hg. shows diagram of three pillars
21.90 talismans made from
22.geomantic figures
23. I name you Lady or Lord of 29 Path

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