Magick and Qabalah #1 - Bill Heidrick

Closing essay on Qabalah and Magick

Perhaps a few words should be added for the benefit of those who obtain this little book, but have not received the in-class instruction for which it was written. These many things that blend Magick and Qabalah at times seem wholly to be Magick and at times only to be of Qabalah. The truth behind this confusion is a simple one. Magick is a discipline of many parts that conceals one whole. Qabalah is an artful measure that is one in its nature but manifold in its means. Thus we have parts of Qabalah that become goals in Magick; and we have methods in Magick that are the essence of the goal of Qabalah. Rightly approached, both studies are to the same end: be it the Great Work, the entrance into Pardes or any other Gnostic illumination.

Love is the law, love under will.