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See how the moon with her amrita dews

Drinks up the death of the Star, and renews

Life in cascades of peonian hues!


Nay, but she curves to arise, to increase;

Glamour on glamour to sicken and cease.

How shall the warrior wing to the peace?


Fade, O thou moon, in thy magical bark!

Sink in the ocean thy silvery spark!

Leave me, ah leave me alone in the dark!


Art thou not burnt in the fire of my will?

See, by the flashes that crimson and kill

I am the master; the magic is still.

— fifth fugue from The Opium Smoker in Equinox Vol I No ii


“I have prepared the elixir of life, that magical draught which gives eternal youth. Like the touch of Midas, it is not an unmixed blessing. […] I still retain much of the good effect of this experiment.”

Black Magic is Not a Myth


“The Magician works in a Temple; the Universe, which is (be it remembered!) conterminous with himself. In this temple a Circle is drawn upon the floor for the limitation of his working. This circle is protected by divine names, the influences on which he relies to keep out hostile thoughts. Within the circle stands an Altar, the solid basis on which he works, the foundation of all. Upon the Altar are his Wand, Cup, Sword, and Pantacle, to represent his Will, his Understanding, his Reason, and the lower parts of his being, respectively. On the Altar, too, is a phial of Oil, surrounded by a Scourge, a Dagger, and a Chain, while above the Altar hangs a Lamp. The Magician wears a Crown, a single Robe, and a Lamen, and he bears a Book of Conjurations and a Bell.

The oil consecrates everything that is touched with it; it is his aspiration; all acts performed in accordance with that are holy. The scourge tortures him; the dagger wounds him; the chain binds him. It is by virtue of these three that his aspiration remains pure, and is able to consecrate all other things. He wears a crown to affirm his lordship, his divinity; a robe to symbolize silence, and a lamen to declare his work. The book of spells or conjurations is his magical record, his karma. In the East is the Magick Fire, in which all burns up at last.

— Preliminary Remarks from Magick, Part II of Book 4, Liber ABA

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