The January 1998
Winner of The Elias Ashmole Award.

     This month the Elias Ashmole Award for Enochian excellence goes to Clay Holden and the John Dee Publication project.   Clay has a been a contributor to Enochian scholarship for over a decade. His continuing project to present the Spirit Actions in Adobe Acrobat format has provided the standard for scholarly presentation of this material.  Clay is a contributing editor of the most recent edition of Meric Casaubon's A True & Faithful RELATION Of What passed for many Yeers Between Dr. JOHN DEE and Some Spirits, and is a contributor to Rafel T. Prinke's definitive bibliography of John Dee's Enochian manuscripts.
     Clay Holden's work can be found around the web, on Usenet, and on the major electronic discussion groups that focus on the work of John Dee, and the modern occult exposition of his work. We are happy to acknowledge and thank Clay for his numerous and significant contributions, and we look forward to his future presentations and commentaries.

A True & Faithful Relation

The John Dee Publication Project
The Home of Clay Holden's presentation of John Dee's Quinti Libri Mysteriorum and the finest extant version of the Sigillum DEI AEmeth.

The John Dee Reading Group
Hosted at Thelema Lodge of O.T.O. this group has aided in the preparation of the Publication Project's editions of John Dee's Quinti Libri Mysteriorum.

Rafel T. Prinke's
Introductory bibliography of Enochian and diary MSS. of John Dee
The definative bibliography of the Magikal manuscripts of John Dee.

Clay Holden's FTP.
Clay's FTP contains such useful tools as Enochian Fonts taken directly from MS. and detailed scans of Enochian talismans.

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Clay Holden on enochian-l

Clay is a major contributer to enochian-l at, the Preeminent Enochian Elist.

Mr. Holden also contributes to thelem93-l at Hollyfeld,

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The Voynich List.

alt.magick etc.

He has also expressed his scholarly wit at alt.magick on Usenet.

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