The December 1997
Winner of The Elias Ashmole Award.

      This month we present our award to the Avatar of Set and pioneer of Internet Enochian Benjamin Rowe, also known as Joshua Norton II.  Mr. Rowe was one of the original presences of electronic Enochian exploration, going back to the early days of computer Bulletin Board Services.
     Ben has produced a continuously high quality of work in the field of Enochian Magick, both with his original researches and in his contributions to scholarly dialogue on the subject.  He has contributed not only to Enochiana but to a wide scope of the occult, metaphysical and Hermetic sciences.  His contributions to Thelema and Astrology are significant.
      It is with great pride that we present this month's Elias Ashmole Award for Enochian Excellence on the Web to a man who has set the modern standard for work in this field.

I am not Michael Aquino

The Enochiana of Joshua Norton

Discordian Saint

Norton's Emporium

The Most Recent Web Home for Ben's Work on the Web

The Enochian Magick Reference Document
The Ultimate FAQ on the History and Science of Enochian Magick.
The Enochian Calls
The Best Calls available on the Web, in English, Enochian and Angelic Letters. Done in spectacular Adobe pdf format.
A Short Course in Scrying
A Classic Instruction
in One of the Most Neglected yet Most Important Aspects of Magick.

As well as
~Magickal Papers by Norton II ~INRI ~Set/Horus ~Astrological Works
~Sepher Sephiroth Supplements ~The Works of Frater Achad
~Ben's Enochian Links ~And More


A Collection of 10 years of Ben Rowe's Best Enochian Work

European Decadence

And the European Mirror Site

The 91 Parts of the Earth
Josh's Ongoing Exploration of the 91 Goverors of the 30 Aethyrs.

Along with
~The Book of the Seniors ~The Enochian Temples ~Enochian Rituals
~An Analysis of The 1st Key ~Circle City ~Godzilla meets E.T.

And Much More.

     A Visual Interpretation of Josh's Enochian Temples by Michael Arndt using Quake engine generated Graphics can be found at the Enochian Gallery of the Babal On Enochian Forum.




enochian-l etc.

     Josh is a noted contributor to enochian-l, as well as posting to thelema93-l, silverchalice and chaos-l at the leading provider of Metaphysical Internet discussion groups.

archane astuteness

Josh is also an erudite contributor to Arcana, the Scholarly elist of the Occult.

alt.magick etc.

And to many of the more interesting threads at alt.magick and elsewhere on Usenet

Much of Mr. Rowe's older foundational material can be found on ftp sites around the world.

BBS collections

Including these giant zip and tar file compilations

Zip 43+k

Tar 44k

And more can be found at
Black Moon Archives


Ben is a member of


The Ring of Thoth

The Evil Brotherhood of Enochians

The Enochian Web Ring

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