The Ritual of the Emerald Throne

I. The Tablet of Union


Graph Na-Hath Drun Pe

The Sign of
(vir)EXARPTherion, Blessed Beast
(mulier)HCOMABabalon, Scarlet Concubine
(puella)NANTANuit, Continuous one of Heaven
(puer)BITOMHadit, The Magician & the Exorcist

II. The Twelve Banners

Go in a circle, drawing each of the figures in the direction indicated. Repeat each the number of times equal to the number of letters in the name.

Twelve Banners

Four Kings

Face East in Osiris Slain

Raasi I Bataivahin the east is …
Sobolm I Raggioslin the west is …
Lucal I Ikzhhkalin the north is …
od Babage I Edlprenaaand in the south is …
Micma unal Ialpar Oivaeebehold these flaming stars
Dst Biah Aspt Tawhich stand before your.

IV. 24 Seniors

Draw the hexagrams in the quarters indicated, vibrating the names while drawing.

V Paean

Glory unto him that is concealed and glory unto her that beareth the cup and glory unto the one that is the child and the father of their love. Glory unto the star and glory unto the snake, and glory unto the swordsman of the sun. And worship and blessing throughout the Aeon unto the name of the Beast, foursquare, mystic, wonderful!

VI. Close

Close by the signs of LVX