Speaking Engagements

  • NOTOCON IX: Sacramento, CA, August Anno IVxxii. Revolution and Revelation: the Magic of Benjamin Franklin.
  • ICONOCLAST Salem Premiere Event: Knights Templar Oasis, Salem, MA, October, Anno IVxix. “Abraxas.”
  • NOTOCON VIII: Dearborn, MI, August Anno IVxix. Aleister Crowley and the Abolition of Boundaries.
  • Kaaba Colloquium: Jacksonville Beach, FL, June, Anno IVxix. Hospitality, Member Incentives, Defeating a Whispering Campaign, and Educating Your Valley.
  • Leather Leadership Conference: Los Angeles, CA, April Anno IVxix. A Nest of Scary Bee Stings: Conference Planning for Intermediate Events Planners.
  • Thelemic Symposium: Sekhet-Maat Lodge, Portland, OR, March Anno IVxix. Panelist.
  • Guest Lecture: Sekhet-Maat Lodge, Portland, OR, November Anno IVxviii. Aleister Crowley Transcending Boundaries.
  • Transcending Boundaries Conference: Worcester, MA, November Anno IVxviii. Aleister Crowley and the Abolition of Boundaries.
  • Kaaba Colloquium: Kansas City, November, Anno IVxviii. Hospitality, The Black Lodge.
  • Knights Templar Exposition: Tahuti Lodge, New York, October, Anno IVxviii. Hospitality.
  • Kaaba Colloquium: Seattle, May, Anno IVxviii. Hospitality.
  • Mini Mass-a-thon & Guest Lecture: Thelesis Lodge, Philadelphia, April, Anno IVxviii. Revelation or Revolution, Ben Franklin, Prometheus Unbound aka The Magick of Benjamin Franklin.
  • Leather Expo Day of Education: The Ramrod, Boston, March, Anno IVxvii. How to Host a Play Party [for Gay Men].
  • Fetish Fair Fleamarket: Providence, February, Anno IVxvii. Panelist: How to Host a Play Party & Getting Started in B.D.S.M.
  • Rainbow Spirituality: Salem State College, November, Anno IVxvii. Part of LGBT Month. A Discussion Event with local religious figures gathered to talk about how the LGBT community is accepted (or not) into their different religious factions. After the discussion was a Q&A with students, faculty, and staff.
  • Guest Lecture: Sol Invictus Oasis, Fayetteville, September, IVxvii. The Hanged Man.
  • U.S.G.L.’s Minerval Colloquium: Seattle, NOTOCON VII, August, Anno IVxvii. Hospitality.
  • Mystics, Mothers, and Magicians Symposium: Sacramento, November, Anno IVxvi. Sphere of Jupiter and of Healers & Hosts, selected by her peers for her exemplary work in Hospitality, to speak to her life, work, experiences, joys, and challenges in O.T.O.
  • Guest Lecture: Abrahadabra Oasis, Portland, ME, July, Anno IVxvi. The Magick of Benjamin Franklin.


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