When I glimpsed you by the purple light of dawn

by Sister Beth Kimbell

Though I was already impressed by your charm,
Your quick wit, and timeless beauty, unsurpassed,
I was smitten by your utter shamelessness—
Your self assurance, remarkably amassed.
When I glimpsed you by the purple light of dawn,
As you swaggered around, naked and most proud,
I swooned, thinking, ‘Here, before me, I do find,
A similar soul: adulterous and loud.’
I blushed at the timing, somewhat unseemly,
Of my licentious admiration, and yet,
I sat enrapt by such a welcome vision
And a brazen spirit, so splendidly met.

I long to shower you with jewels and riches,
To adore you beneath an indigo sky,
To burn to you perfumes of resins and woods,
And bestow upon you offerings, piled high.
My mind lingers on your exposed form, dripping…
Truth now saturates your flesh and bone, divine;
I am inspired to cast aside my standing—
As to unite in the Light’s transcendent shine!
Come unto me… To me! My Enchanting Star!
Dread Goddess! Fair Whore! Deity incarnate!
I conjure and summon Thee! Come at my call!
Experience with me, all those things sensate…